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CoS Session 36: Meet Prichard

General Summary

  • Party is on its way to Gameria
  • Nikolaj is still depressed about killing Aldo
  • Things are weird between Medraad and Elan
  • Elan hooked up with a guy in Ravi
  • Medraad cast suggestion on them to get them to let him watch
  • Medraad also took some cleric scrolls from Queen to study
  • Down the road party runs into shell-shocked group of Avicennan soldiers
  • They came from Kanara, and it sounds like they saw some freaky stuff
  • Monsters, devastation, too much to handle
  • Party’s back in everybody’s favorite hub world, Gameria!
  • Queen gives them each 400GP for mission
  • Adam stops by Archives to speak with Elgort about family inquiry
  • It’s a long story
  • So Dælla Divisav, Adam’s mother, died in childbirth
  • However, before she married Elro (Adam’s father), she had an affair with another man
  • Harald Quinn, Elan and Catriona’s father
  • So Elan is Adam’s half-sister!!!
  • Nikolaj goes to Temple of Rexfur, agrees to become the new High Priest
  • Rexfur oversees the ceremony, Carnahan collapses into pile of dust at the end
  • Nikolaj says his goodbyes to party, a little sad since he’s been there the longest
  • Adam tells Elan and Medraad about Elgort's revelation
  • Elan doesn’t take it well, gets wasted on Sardivelian snakebite
  • Medraad has a productive evening
  • He finds a homeless man named Asmodeus with untapped magic potential
  • Convinces Asmodeus to join his budding organization, the Shroud
  • An intelligence group devoted to stopping the spread of cults
  • Man in Black shows up, reveals cosmic secrets to Asmodeus
  • Half a dozen people join over the next week
  • Azrael’s intrigued, but he won’t give money/help when asked by Azrael
  • Wants to see the group in action
  • Party’s investigating details from mural in Ravi
  • They identify the knife from it as the Ostry Blade, a powerful Myltevian relic that can tear through dimensions
  • Some theorize this caused the downfall of Myltev empire
  • If it’s still around, Blade will be in Gameria, Kanara, or Oblast
  • So party goes on reconnaissance mission to Kanara on Theo Faust
  • Catriona and Elan stay behind for research project with Queen Astrid
  • Medraad off-handedly mentions that he hooked up with Fairouz back in the day
  • On the way they stop in Eastwood to pick up Nikolaj’s replacement
  • He's in one of the surgery tents there’s a gnome there patching up soldiers
  • Meet Prichard Hawkins, cleric to god of unbelief
  • Foul-mouthed, not too keen on adventuring, but he can’t say no to Queen
Report Date
22 Jun 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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