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A small factory town located on the former Avicennan (now Sardivelian) island of Piedmonte.   Medraad Le Fey met his father here in 875, where the Royal Knights Brigade discovered a secret airship being built here during the The Avicennan War. Following the war’s end Scylla and its island were given to Sardivelia as repayment for its contributions to Gameth's war effort.


  • 95% Human
  • 5% Other Races


Scylla was founded by Avicenna in the 5th century of the 4th Cycle as a secret factory town to work on highly confidential military projects and technologies. Isolated from mainland Liat, a diverse variety of races were able to thrive on the island for years as the elven and dragonborn kingdoms of Liat fell to Gamerian forces. This diverse ecosystem survived for several centuries until the Avicennan military conquered the island, seeking a secure location for their high-tech weapons and experiments. Trains and railroads were first experimented with here, as well as the airship that killed the world's sole Kraken in 875.    Sardivelia's leader Paoli Piedmonte has used the town for similar purposes, with several artificers and scientists spotted entering the town by Gamerian spies. Some have theorized that Scylla is being used as a launching point for the first voyage across the Largas Ocean in centuries.
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