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The Kraken

A powerful sea monster who patrolled the waters around Liat for hundreds of years. He was possessed by Fairouz and the Court of the Undying to destroy the ship that the Royal Knights Brigade was using to sail to Trecce, killing Nikolaj Baratov in the process. Nikolaj as an undead skeleton went on to convince the Kraken to attack Adm. Aldo Snaggletooth's fleet at Oakengaard in 875 during the Avicennan War, saving the city from Avicennan invasion. This attack emboldened Aldo to invest in the construction of a massive airship that would be used to bomb and kill the kraken in the last months of 875. Some scholars theorize that the kraken’s death disrupted the balance of power in the world's oceans and led to the Sunken God's Reign of Terror in 897.
Year of Death
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Aldo on an Avicennan airship


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