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Aldo Snaggletooth


A human ranger raised by goblins. In Gameria in 873 he was recruited by the Gamerian government to investigate the Court and prevent war between Gameth and Avicenna. His methods were ruthless, and with the assistance of a ‘skin guy’ he eliminated any signs of his victims.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Raised by a band of goblins in the dense forests of northern Gameth, he was forced into vagrancy after his village was destroyed by monsters affiliated with the Court of the Undying.   His journeys into Avicenna led to him meeting the young General Boua, and he became so enamoured that he abandoned the life of an adventurer and joined Boua’s army as a naval commander. He led naval campaigns during the Avicennan War, and for a brief led the nation as its foremost leader following the assassination of Gen. Boua. He was killed in a massive explosion when an experimental airship crashed into the waters to the southeast of Avicenna
845 875 30 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Nikolaj of the Royal Knights Brigade
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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