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A town in northern Sardivelia known for its leatherworking industry. The ancestral home of the noble Grappas Family, the town has fared better than many of its neighbors under Paoli Piedmonte's regime due to the Grappas' ceaseless kowtowing to Paoli’s demands.


  • 93% Human
  • 1% Elven
  • 6% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • Grappas Family - The Grappas noble family have called the city of Petronius home for hundreds of years


The Grappas family's founders frequently clashed with religious leaders in Gameth over their libertine and exhibitionist lifestyles, forcing them to seek a village in the kingdom's westernmost reaches to perform their bacchanalias in peace. Petronius, their new family headquarters, proved to be settled on a resource-rich stretch of land with dense forests to its north and vast farmland to its east. Within a couple of generations the Grappas become one of the richest families in Sardivelia.    Even after Sardivelia's independence and several years as coalition leaders, the Grappas family never abandoned their hard-living ways and disregard for noble manners. Grappas' worst offenders are often 'sent back to the farm', ie exiled to the family's estate in Petronius until gossip in Garavecchio dies down.
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