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A town in the central region of Sardivelia known for its jewelry work and goldsmithing. The ancestral home of the Rosso noble family, many of its jewelry operations were turned towards the production of magical relics and amulets to stay competitive in Paoli Piedmonte's cutthroat regime until the Rosso Family's decimation in 897.


  • 92% Human
  • 2% Elven
  • 6% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • Rosso Family - the nobles used the town as their ancestral headquarters for centuries


The Rosso family was a latecomer to the region of modern-day Sardivelia, seeking to expand their jewelry operation without having to compete with the guilds in Gameth's capital of Gameria. Persuaded by the Dandolo's vision of an independent nation free to sell their wares around the world, the Rosso family agreed to have the town of Catorce join the Sardivelian secession movement in the 490's.    Situated between the larger and more influential cities of Trecce and Garavecchio, Matteo has sought to navigate Sardivelian politics in a conciliatory approach to prevent an onslaught of intrigues and assassinations. This plan fell apart with Giovanni Rosso's failed coup against Paoli in 897, leading to the near total destruction of the Rosso family and the elevation of the Capaldi family. The Rosso estates in Matteo were seized by Paoli's government, used as bargaining chips to reward families and individuals loyal to his rule.
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