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A Sardivelian town on the western edge of the Gulf of Gameth. The ancestral home of the Vivaldi noble family, the town fell under hard times after Paoli Piedmonte became leader of Sardivelia and centralized power in Trecce.


  • 93% Human
  • 7% Other Races

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The Vivaldi family was among the first group of human settlers to the region of modern-day Sardivelia, banished from the kingdom of Gameth for their controversial magic rituals and collection of powerful relics. The Vivaldis founded Catorce as a refuge from judgmental outsiders, winning over the local villagers through a combination of enchantments and intimidation.    By the time Sardivelia seceded from Gameth in the 490's, Catorce became a valuable site for its forges capable of crafting magic items and weapons alike. The Vivaldi family used these forges as a negotiating tool to become a leading family in the new kingdom, ensuring that the Vivaldis would always be involved in any new coalition negotiations. But the power would sometimes draw curiosity towards the family's more questionable rituals, forcing the Vivaldis to retreat back to Catorce until scandals would pass.
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