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A small village on the road between the Gamerian towns of Oftin and Midworth. A 250-ft-tall statue of the goddess Erivo looms over the settlement, and has been known to attract pilgrims and visitors from all over Liat.


  • 71% Human
  • 12% Elven
  • 17% Other Races


Windfaire existed as a town long before the founding of Gameth, a site tended to by elven clerics from the kingdom of Hakon. When Gameth conquered the continent of Liat, part of the conquest involved taking over management of the Temple of Erivo and all its holy sites. Some of the elven clerics were allowed to stay on to oversee the complicated rituals, and Windfaire experienced little of the destruction that marked Gameth's continent-spanning campaign.    For centuries Windfaire stood alongside Oakengaard and the Gamerian Temple of Erivo as one of the holiest spots for the deity's worshipers, humans and elves alike traveling hundreds of miles to experience religious visions and miracles at the base of the town's imposing statue. The statue's powers have yet to be fully understood, but on at least one occasion it was able to restore a soldier's amputated leg after praying for three days straight.     Some of the faith's more talented clerics have been able to harness the powers of the statue to achieve incredible feats of spellcasting, like in 874 when High Priestess Astrid Nestorius purified the Gamerian countryside of the monsters and abominations summoned by the Fairouz Terror  In the modern era Windfaire's reputation has grown as a popular destination for tourists and pilgrims alike, especially with Queen Astrid providing financial support to the town. Should crisis ever befall Gameth once more, Windfaire's temples and relics will play a vital role.
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