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CoS Session 9: Finding Astrid

General Summary

  • Party arrives back in Gameria
  • The town’s even more crowded with refugees, prices are skyrocketing
  • But there’s a third fall festival going on!
  • One of Fallworth’s officers tells party to meet with him next morning
  • Catriona crafts some healing potions with her medicine skill
  • Roland gathers looks for news and sells old armor
  • Turns out Gen Boua’s coup was a success
  • She overthrew the nation's Chief Engineer to establish a military dictatorship
  • Now she's purging the nation of magic-users and spellcasters
  • There are even rumors of war between Avicenna and Gameth
  • Aldo buys a new longsword
  • The next day the party meets with Fallowrth
  • Roland gives him minutes from Court meeting, Aldo gives him old shrimp
  • Fallworth gives them 300GP for the mission, fills them in on dire situation in Gameth
  • Boua’s navy is starting mandatory inspections of Gameth ships for spellcasters
  • King Nestor refuses to do anything, focuses on festivals
  • Behind locked doors, Fallworth suggests overthrowing Nestor
  • Princess Astrid is alive in Hakon, acts as the nation's High Priestess for the Temple of Erivo
  • Fallworth’s been speaking w/ back channels to have her installed as Queen
  • He'll pay 750GP to each team member for helping, but first the party must meet with Hakonian agents that night
  • So the party visits a tavern on Gameria's 3rd Level
  • Aldo gets drunk, recites poem in honor of Gen. Boua
  • Roland et al convince him to not tell Boua about coup attempt
  • Aldo gets kicked out of tavern, gets wasted on festival mead
  • He becomes known as Fish Man, wakes up hungover downriver
  • Meanwhile Roland and Catriona meet with Hakonian agents Kells and Vandakar
  • Astrid is willing to take throne, but she must consolidate her political support in Hakon first
  • There’s a council vote being held at Temple of Erivo
  • The party has to help ensure the vote goes off without a hitch
  • Some council members are holdouts, like Prince Refn and his adviser Argus
  • Roland is worried that Argus on the council is Argus from the Court
  • Kells and Vandakar argue he’s a fixture of Hakonian politics
  • Roland and Catriona agree to come, but they have reservations
  • Preparing for the journey, Aldo sleeps off wicked hangover, showers to get rid of fish smell
  • Roland pimps out wagon ride
  • Finds wagon craftswoman named Heyer, trained under Azmi
  • Purchases better wheels, suspension and harpoon gun for wagon
  • They leave in a few days through Northern Pass
  • Journey to the Temple of Erivo
  • It’s in the center of Liat, Astrid is conducting purifying ceremony
  • Statue’s blessing will purge central Gameth of the Court's influence
  • Along the way the party runs into more refugees and burned-out towns
  • A storm breaks out in an abandoned village, a demon with lightning powers attacks
  • The demon zaps them with a couple of lighting bolts
  • A fight breaks out, but kind words help shift tide of battle
  • It turns out the demon is actually a man who ran into Arthur the Undying and got lightning powers
  • He returned to village to show off powers, but he scared townspeople away
  • Aldo hugs him, and though he takes lightning damage he pacifies Zeus
  • The villager puts on lightning show, asks party to make Arthur take powers away
  • The party arrives at Temple of Erivo
  • Located in a verdant valley, a massive winged statue towers over a small village
  • The place is full of refugees, Hakonian forces have set up makeshift fortifications
  • Aldo asks Kells for romantic advice, and she tries to provide sincere suggestions
  • Roland asks around about Arthur, a refugee says he saw him enter Argus’ tent
  • Kells and Vandakar introduce the party to High Priestess/Princess Astrid
  • Hakonian radicals kidnapped her as child, but they were executed
  • Hakon's leadership decided to put her in care of Temple, learning spells and statecraft
  • She has watched her father Nestor let Gameth fall into neglect and ruin
  • Somebody needs to protect the magic and spellcasters of Liat
  • She’ll agree to lead Gameth, but only after council vote
  • During the Council Meeting, Prince Refn says Hakon should continue isolationist policy
  • Country is stable and prosperous, shouldn’t meddle in neighbor’s affairs
  • Astrid argues that council can’t ignore rising threats of Court and Boua
  • Hakon must take more active role in Liat to save lives and magic relics
  • Roland and Catriona vouch for urgency of situation, Argus disagrees
  • Council adjourns for Astrid’s purification ceremony
  • Argus has battle of words with Roland
  • Just then, an explosion at entrance of Temple
  • Arthur’s attacked refugee camp w/ horde of abominations
  • Argus taunts the party one last time, morphs into lich and attacks Erivo statue
  • Boss Fight: Arthur, Winged Abomination and Horsebear Abomination
  • Abominations do some more damage to statue
  • Kells and Vandakar organize temple guard to fight the horde
  • Astrid joins in fight, fires off some decent attacks, kills Winged Abomination
  • Catriona casts wind wall, takes a while to figure out logistics
  • Roland charges down temple steps to have one-on-one match with Arthur
  • Some of Roland’s spells accidentally hit nearby camps
  • But he does a lot of damage, knocks Arthur up the steps
  • Aldo kills horsebear abomination, Arthur and Argus flee
  • The statue’s still standing
  • Astrid performs purification ceremony, the region feels improved
  • Council elects her to lead by unanimous vote
  • Roland compensates refugee injured by rogue shots
Report Date
13 Oct 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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