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Grappas Family

One of the five great noble families of Sardivelia. Centuries of shady dealings led to a near total monopoly of the kingdom's farmlands, but despite such power the Grappas have always felt like the outsiders in Sardivelian politics and looked down on by the other families. This led to them embracing the kingdom's cutthroat politics with a bloodthirsty zeal, responsible for some of the worst atrocities during the Season of Slit Throats in the late 500's of the 4th Cycle. The Red Monday massacre of 881 committed by Paoli Piedmonte eliminated any signs of Grappas resistance to Paoli's new regime, the survivors forced to eke out a quiet existence on their original farmlands in Satyricon.

Si Raccoglie Ciò Che Si Semina

Founding Date
435, 4th Cycle
Political, Family
Family Leader
Parent Organization
Notable Members

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