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"We escaped oppression and carved out freedom for ourselves in the frigid wastes, fighting inch by inch to forge the greatest city in the world." -Thorstein the Gray at the beginning of the Trials of Grettir, 897, 4th Cycle
A hearty race of miners and fighters, the dwarves of Pescaliat have made a name for themselves in a world craving metals to fuel its industrial revolution. Forging incredibly deep mines, dwarves own control over veins of magic ore that will shape nations for centuries to come. The world's first warforged was created by a dwarf in the 890's of the 4th Cycle.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The Free State of Thorvald in the southernmost reaches of Pescat is the world's largest dwarven nation with vast mines that reach deep into Ekal's core. Its capital city of Grettir holds an annual fighting tournament that attracts tens of thousands of tourists, and a new industry has grown in town to research and experiment with high-tech metals and technologies.
  • The mining town of Dolian in the Northern Territories has been run by a council of dwarven elders for centuries, maintaining its independence despite countless wars plaguing the region. Understanding the shifting tides of regional politics, Dolian's dwarves are less headstrong than their southern counterparts in Thorvald and are more open to negotiations and business deals.
  • With the increased demand for ores, metals, and coal, dwarven ships can be found in every major port in Pescaliat. Each shipment moves the world closer and closer towards an industrial future, a world where the dwarves will be a vital cog in the functioning of the world.
350 yrs.
Proliferation: Common   Stats/Rules: PHB


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