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An independent mining town near the Zekronian Mtns, in the Northern Territories. Situated between the large kingdoms of Oda Clan, Kawa Clan, and Melusine, the dwarves native to the region use the city's natural defenses and access to extremely rare metals as a means of defense against would-be invaders. The city-state now sells its materials and masterworked weapons to the highest bidder, maintaining a neutral stance in the region's frequent conflicts by selling to all who can afford their services. 

Dolian is run by a council of dwarven families and several master craftsmen, a cartel that determines the selling price for various materials and items. In recent centuries the council's been controlled by expats from the Free State of Thorvald, dwarves like Kjartan Burrowfound who fled their homeland to pursue a more lucrative career in the Northern Terrirotires. His decades of council rulership have been marked by incredible prosperity for Dolian, but some dwarves native to the Territories have found him out of touch with the political realities of the region. Kjartan prided himself on his ability to strike a deal with the theocratic kingdom of Melusine, but critics to his rule believe these deals will backfire if either Melusine or Oda Clan wage another large-scale war in the Territories.


  • 59% Dwarven
  • 23% Dragonborn
  • 5% Human
  • 14% Other Races


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