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A human fighter and former member of the Sardivelian Brigade of Knights. He was killed by Jax and the Royal Knights Brigade at Kolya Bridge in 897.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nick was a champion fighter who vowed to one day kill the god who had betrayed his family and left them in ruins. Quiet and reserved, he joined Giovanni Rosso’s adventuring party in Orem in 896 as a way to fund his crusade against the betrayer god. The unspoken leader of the party, he was heartbroken when Bolin and Viola were both viciously murdered during the Trials of Grettir in the fight with Thorvald Grettirson. He blamed Jax for viciously murdering Viola and vowed to seek vengeance one day.   This led to him and Radovan the Killer kidnapping Helena, Asdis Loderr, and the legendary Iron Flask from the RKB in Poroshenko to lure Jax out for a confrontration at Kolya Bridge. He challenged Jax to a one-on-one battle, but despite Jax's pleas for a truce Nick was committed to the idea that he was a monster that needed to be stopped at all costs. Jax proved to be the stronger fighter and landed a killing blow with his greatsword in just a handful of blows. Nick died on Kolya Bridge, his body tossed into the Strait of Myltev by the RKB.   Stories of Nick's tragic crusade have resonated across the taverns of Pescaliat, inspiring some to take on his name and fight against the gods who hold so much power over mortal life.
864 897 33 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Jax
Aligned Organization


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