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Pino Chio

A warforged barbarian and former member of Rakka's Heroes. Created by a skilled dwarven artisan from the Free State of Thorvald for a military contract with Rakka, Pino was originally designed as a war machine before quickly gaining sentience and ragelike powers. They now channel these powers through work at the Laughing Gnoll tavern in Qilthani.

Physical Description

Body Features

Pino wears common clothes and a red hood. Her eyes glow a dim orange in the darkness and she appears mostly androgynous. Pino has a distinct branding of the Thorvald Rook on both hands.

Special abilities


Mental characteristics

Personal history

In the early years of the 890's, an eccentric dwarven engineer named Skalla-Grim Chio discovered a vein of sentient metal deep in the arctic moutains of Thorvald. Pino was made by the hands of this tinkerer, who quickly sold his creation to the highest bidder in order to become a wealthy nobleman. One of the first Warforged ever seen on Ekal, Pino started her life with limited attack-based capabilities. Her upbringing and treatment as an item made Pino distant from the correct social cues of society, but over the course of her adventurers with Rakka's Heroes she quickly learned to feel emotions. Mainly rage, especially after the death of Vama Hasidor in Qilthani. She learned what it meant to be an object, and what it meant to be human. Anger slowly grew inside her as the people she met saw her as something instead of someone.   This rage fueled her in several encounters with devils and gnolls alike in her first mission with Rakka's Heroes. Her ironclad constitution protected her from even the most devastating blows, and every fallen ally reignated her fight for survival. She picked up a habit of chewing on silverware in between adventures, deferring to Mickal Irakosk and the rest of the party in diplomatic situations. As a measure of last resort, Pino's intimidating presence could be relied on to shift a deadlocked debate. Sailing aboard an aarakocran ship towards Rel-Kadrar to investigate Hedera's devilish conspiracy, the ship was attacked by a vicious hag and two glowing orbs known as will-o'-wisps that killed nearly every active-duty member of Rakka's Heroes. Only Zephyr Luthar survived the attack.   Zephyr returned Pino's lifeless body to Decarabia Goldeneye, a tavern-keeper in Qilthani who always kept the warforged supplied with silverware. When the new generation of Rakka's Heroes stopped by on their way to Rel-Kadrar, they agreed to take Pino with them to have her repaired by Skalla-Grim after one of his lectures in town. It took several weeks, but the artificer managed to reignite Pino's spark of life and make her fully functional again. She may have been missing a memory or two, but they still remembered Decarabia and her generosity at the Laughing Gnoll. Pino returned to Qilthani that spring, assisting the busy tiefling alongside Cig for decades to come.
Current Location
Year of Birth
893 38 Years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Will-o'-Wisp in 900, Revived that fall;
Glowing Orange
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Metallic Gray
230 lbs
Aligned Organization


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