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Mickal Irakosk

A tiefling ranger and former member of the adventuring group Rakka's Heroes. Skilled with shortsword and longbow alike, Mickal spent years fighting against the drow in Rakka's Underdark and honing his marksmanship skills before his untimely death on the Arrayas Ocean in 900.

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Personal history

Mickal joined Rakka's armed forces the moment he became eligible, catching the attention of his superiors with his impressive marksmanship skills. Within a matter of months Mickal was reassigned to the nation's Spec Ops division to perform high-risk espionage operations to undermine the drow forces opposing Rakka's hegemony. With the greater part of a decade spent in Spec Ops, Mickal developed keen hunter instincts for fighting drow and the monsters that haunted the nation's countryside.   Mickal completed many missions during his time in Spec Ops, forced to confront ethical and moral dilemmas at every turn. Early in his career Mickal infiltrated a band of tieflings advocating for drow independence, and while he agreed with many of their opinions on home rule and autonomy he meticulously reported the minutes of the group's every meeting. Not long after the group's organizers were arrested, presumably executed with Mickal's damning evidence.   His missions in the Underdark amidst the drow proved even more cutthroat. He spent years fomenting a large-scale feud between the Baudissin family and a small drow enclave fighting for more influence on the The Verschow's council. The blood feud left hundreds of drow dead on both sides, and amidst the violence Mickal tried seducing Ereldra Baudissin to turn her into an agent for Rakka. The two shared an intimate bond during the worst years of the feud, but Mickal's dual loyalties were uncovered by Sariel Baudissin and he was forced to flee the Underdark with nothing but the clothes on his back. Everything Mickal did was to protect the people of Rakka, but his years spent in the Underdark made him sympathetic to the drow cause and its similarities to Rakka's founding years.   After years of distinguished service, Mickal was an obvious choice for promotion to Rakka's inaugural team of adventurers. His first mission had him traveling to the port city of Qilthani to investigate an unusual gnoll attack, and through a combination of charm and interrogating Mickal uncovered a conspiracy involving an aasimar woman named Hedera and her powerful patron devil known as Naberious. The pack of gnolls had been ordered by Naberius to steal a series of arcane tomes in return for fine clothes and decks of playing cards, so the party headed out into the Rakkan wilderness to investigate the matter further. The journey was harsh and violent with at least three party members dying in combat. Mickal with his years of training always knew when to disengage from a fight and when to press his advantage.   Unfortunately the same dark fate was awaiting Mickal on the Arrayas Ocean. Sailing aboard an aarakocran ship towards Rel-Kadrar to investigate Hedera's devilish conspiracy, the ship was attacked by a vicious hag and two glowing orbs known as will-o'-wisps that killed nearly every active-duty member of Rakka's Heroes. Only a fairy by the name of Zephyr Luthar survived the attack, burying the party's bodies at sea and taking small mementoes to remember his fallen allies.
875 900 25 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Will-o'-Wisp
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
165 lbs
Aligned Organization


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