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A small shipping village in Rakka on the border with the Free State of Thorvald. Rakka has managed to amass considerable customs fees by controlling the narrow strait leading into the Arrayas Ocean, and countless Elflands vessels have been denied entry into Rakka’s waters.


  • 73%Tiefling
  • 8% Goblinoid
  • 3% Dragonborn
  • 16% Other Races


When tieflings were first expelled from the Elflands Empire in the early years of the 3rd Cycle, two distinct groups settled into the arid wastelands south of the Bahamut Mtns. Many traveled west and founded Delmascar, the city that would become the capital of the Rakkan empire. Other tieflings found safety in the riverways and arctic climates near the Southwest Passage, establishing trade routes with neighboring kingdoms like Glace. The disparate tiefling cities would eventually unite under the Rakkan banner, but Qilthani would maintain its unique identity from the rest of the nation.    While Rakka's warlords and generals from the capital argued for prolonged campaigns against its neighbors and rivals alike, officials from Qilthani argued for a more conciliatory foreign policy to maintain a steady flow of commerce in the region. When Delmascar's leadership became too extreme in its campaigns, Qilthani would threaten secession to preserve the trade routes that constituted the city's life blood. The threat of secession was often enough to convince Delmascar to tone down on its military ambitions, but on at least two occasions Qilthani successfully secceeded from Rakka to establish an independent kingdom known colloquially as East Rakka. On both occasions East Rakka became annexed once more by the Rakkan government in Delmascar, the Elflands Empire proving to be a threat too imposing for the nation to face on its own.    In the modern era of the 4th Cycle's tenth century, a third seccession is an idea voiced only by a radical minority in Qilthani and neighboring Rel-Odar. For years Rakka has been riding the wave of technological advancement to become one of the most industrialized kingdoms in Southern Pescat, and it would take a complete realignment of power in Delmascar before Qilthani's leadership would consider seccession once more.


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