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Decarabia Goldeneye

A female tiefling and owner of The Laughing Gnoll tavern in Qilthani. The tavern was first established by her grandfather a century ago, and when her mother died she took over management in 897. By the year 900 it had become the unofficial headquarters for the adventuring group Rakka's Heroes, Decarabia befriending many of the adventurers and encouraging them to find safer lines of work. She formed a close bond with the paladin Cig, urging him to settle down from a life of adventuring and stay in one place. Eventually, he took Decarabia's words to heart.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Decarabia grew up in the Laughing Gnoll, exposed to a diverse variety of races from an early age. As soon as she was old enough to carry a tray her parents set her to work as a server in the tavern, racing from table to table and learning the favorite drink of every regular. The tavern's long hours and grueling work meant that she didn't have much time for a formal education, but over the years Decarabia learned about the world through books and tavern visitors. As the port of entry for many ships into Rakka, Decarabia was always eager to hear about world news and stories from far-off countries. She kept up with the intrigues of Sardivelia and unrest in the Elflands Empire, keeping the glasses full to encourage patrons to overshare.   Her parents lived hard lives running the tavern, dying in their 60's by the end of the 4th Cycle's ninth century. Decarabia inherited ownership of the tavern after her mothers' death in 897, continuing the family tradition of running one of the most popular taverns in Rakka. She scrimped and saved enough to hire a couple servers to help with the evening rush, but she still spent most of her time personally caring for the tavern. Some of the regulars teased Decarabia about finding a special someone to help run the tavern with, but she had little time for dating if it wasn't happening at the tavern.   In 900 the tavern became a popular hotspot for Rakka's Heroes, a government-sponsored band of adventurers created to compete the with the adventuring guilds of rival nations. With her years of tavern work Decarabia quickly befriended many of the adventurers like Pino Chio, Shad Stixs, and Cig. The adventurers would always have interesting stories to tell about their quests and encounters with dangerous monsters, even if some of the fights turned deadly and led to their demise. Decarabia always encouraged them to take life slower and find safer lines of work, but the party insisted on completing the jobs at hand and enjoying hospitality wherever they found it. By the end of the year the party began making its way towards Rel-Kadrar, but Decarabia promised that she would always have a drink ready for them whenever they returned to Qilthani. Cig remembered that drink, bringing back a rebuilt Pino and his adventuring friend Christopher Isherwood to reunite with Decarabia. The two of them ran the tavern together, Cig and Christopher using it as a base of operations for a local team of bounty hunters in Rakka's frontier.


  • Bartender
Current Location
Year of Birth
872 59 Years old
Golden Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Red
Ruled Locations
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