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EooD Session 9: Damon's Farewell

General Summary

Spending less than forty-eight hours in Qilthani, the party decided on its next adventure and prepared to head out of town as soon as possible. They received their money and horses from Mayor Proserpine for defeating the undead spirits haunting the Arrayas Ocean, and they chose to head west towards Rel-Kadrar to collect the bounties on the aasimar Hedera and the bullywug Gorf Sunko. The kenku offer to pay for stolen Rakkan airship plans also proved too tempting for the party, and they agreed to deal with the monster terrorizing the Thorvald countryside once they were stronger.   As the party decompressed and caught up with Decarabia at the Laughing Gnoll tavern, Cedar made a surprise appearance inside Kirby's cup of liquor. Cig and the others had to press her for an explanation, but Cedar finally admitted that her and Damon had been hiding out on the outskirt of Qilthani for several weeks after teleporting away from the battle with the ghosts. The party decided not to blame her for the abandonment, but Cig and Kirby both agreed that a confrontation with Damon was overdue. Cedar managed to deescalate the conflict by having only Cig go to meet with Damon while Kirby went shopping around Qilthani. The bard picked up a desert hat and some winter clothes to prepare for the journey into Rakka's frontier, speaking with Cressel Rel-Khiat about a Cloak of Displacement before agreeing to purchase it at a later date in Rel-Kadrar.   Meanwhile Cig and Damon had a long conversation about their differences and expectations for the party. Damon explained his reasoning for disappearing from the previous fight, and Cig explained how the party was interested in collaborating with the Silver Beak on future missions. Damon expressed disgust at working with kenku pirates, and when it became clear that the the two sides wouldn't be able to reconcile Cig and Damon agreed to part ways. Damon returned to the Laughing Gnoll to collect his belongings and earnings from the ghost fight that night, disappearing from town to do his devilish patron's bidding in the frontier.   That evening Cedar and Kirby got into a bit of a feud where Cedar tried to poison the tiefling on several occasions, but once everybody was stocked up on supplies they headed out of Qilthani at the break of dawn the next day. Cig learned that it'd be a long trek over land from Rel-Odar to Rel-Avery, over a month's journey through untamed wilderness with the threat of drow attacks every night. On the plus side, a train would easily take them to Rel-Kadrar once they made it to Rel-Avery. He also learned some valuable intel about Hedera's old bookstore, how the gnolls they'd fought several weeks earlier had stolen books from her shop and that Rakka's Heroes fought a devil outside the store on one of their first missions. With so many loose threads to pursue, the party hastily made its way towards Rel-Kadrar and a confrontation with Hedera.   On the party's last night in Qilthani, Cig spent the evening with Decarabia and took his armor off to show her his true face. With a kiss on his forehead, Decarabia urged Cig to return to Qilthani in one piece no matter how many months it took. She also promised to compensate the party if they could find a way to revive Pino Chio, the warforged adventurer and reliable patron before her death at the hands of several will-o-wisps at sea.   They only lost one horse on the journey when a roc passed overhead one day.   12/2/900
The party's last stop in civilization was in the college town of Rel-Odar, where they'd met together for the first time so many months before. They found the Jezebeth Rahal, the student tasked with running Scherazad Academy's supply room, and convinced her to have several drinks with them at a nearby tavern. Kirby and the others regaled her with stories about ghosts and brave kenku fighters, convincing the impressionable student to focus her studies on the supernatural and occult. The party was told by Director Astara Hadad that they'd be getting a couple of additions to the group in Rel-Odar, so they enjoyed their time relaxing in the quiet town before braving the cold wilderness of Rakka. Kipp went to a couple of lectures about devils and fiends, but she didn't pick up too much ruseful information for their upcoming missions.

Rewards Granted

  • Kirby bought a desert hat and some winter clothes
  • Cedar bought some mild poisons
  • Damon left the party

Missions/Quests Completed

Ongoing Quests
Find the aasimar Hedera
  • 1,000GP reward split among the party
  • Rumored to have traveled to Rel-Kadrar
  • The party agreed to travel west to investigate this issue
Find the bullywug smuggler Gorf Sunko
  • 1,500GP reward split among the party
  • Rumored to have traveled to the aarakocra town of Rel-Avery
Steal Airship Plans from Rel-Kadrar for the Silver Beak
  • 2,000GP reward for each folder, split among the party
  • A contact by the name of the The Red Whisper will help them in Rel-Kadrar
Bring Pino Chio back to life
  • Decarabia has promised to pay the party if they can find a way to bring Pino back to life
  • Pino doesn't have to be a fearsome barbarian, but Decarabia would like having an old friend to help out in the tavern
Defeat a huge monster terrorizing mining settlements in the dwarven Free State of Thorvald
  • 10,000GP reward split among the party
  • adventurers from the kingdom of Glace may assist the party
  • The party chose to put this mission on the back-burner to deal with several bounties out west
Completed Missions
  Defeat the ghost ship terrorizing merchant vessels near Qilthani
  • 950GP reward for each party member who survived
  • 6 horses and 1 carriage rewarded for future use

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
14 Jul 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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