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A tiefling city located in the southeast of Rakka. Known for its world-renowned military school Scherazad Academy.


  • 76% Tiefling
  • 10% Aarakocra
  • 3% Dragonborn
  • 2% Goblinoid
  • 9% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • Scherazad Academy - A prestigious military academy where Rakka's future leaders train to become charismatic leaders and tacticians. The school is renowned for its for its artificer, war magic, and gunslinger courses. 


As the tieflings south of the Bahamut Mtns. banded together under the Rakkan banner, a school was needed to train future generations of leaders in the art of warfare and maintain the kingdom's independence. Having the military academy located in the capital of Delmascar would threaten the future of an entire generation of leaders, so it was agreed by Rakka's military council to have a remote military outpost repurposed as the site of the military academy. Rel-Odar, a small fort just a week's travel from Qilthani, became a prime candidate for its remote location and well-established fortifications.    Thus Scherazad Academy was founded, the training ground for centuries of military leaders and fighters. Thousands of miles removed from the capital and all its temptations, students were forced to make a name for themselves and rise through the ranks of the academy without political connections and family friends to fall back on.   In the centuries following Scherazad's founding cottage industries have formed in Rel-Odar to support the large youth population, from intimate coffee shops to indie bookstores selling obscure tomes and history books. To this day Rel-Odar has a repuation of helping youths forge an identity of their own, to the point where neighboring kingdoms have been begging for years to have their own students admitted to the prestigious academy.
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