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EooD Session 10: Rocs and Ranches

General Summary

After relaxing for a couple of days in Rel-Odar, the party was introduced to its new party members: the gnome wizard Giga Tron and the warforged blood hunter Lilith Dracsthik. Introducing themselves to the party over dinner, Giga walked into the tavern and immediately started working on a drawing on the floor. Lilith glared at the party from a distance, attacking anybody who threatened herself or Giga. Kirby, recovering from one of Cedar's pranks that turned his skin rainbow-colored, had little patience for the antics of the new party members. After getting drop-kicked to the floor by Lilith, he ditched the tavern with Cig and got drunk at one of Scherazad Academy's dorm buildings with the college sophomores. Kipp eyed the new additions with suspicion, but after introductions were out of the way she left the tavern and went out hunting for a new pair of eyeglasses. Lilith stalked close behind the paladin, following Kipp into the eyeglass store where she received half a dozen spectacles free of charge. Cedar didn't have any issue with Giga or Lilith, and Giga showed off his drawing of the party looking more united than they would ever be in real life.      Stocking up on rations and antitoxins, the party spent little time in Rel-Odar before moving west towards Rel-Avery. The journey ahead would be a brutal month-long trek through Rakka's frontier, the threat of drow and monster attacks ever present. With the carriage full of supplies and the party's horses divvied up, the party began its journey west into the Rakka's frontier.   12/3/900
The trek through the Rakkan frontier proved to be a combination of arid days and frigid nights. Foliage grew sparse the further west the party traveled, the only signs of life coming from the ships sailing through the Arrayas Ocean for off in the distance. Rocky cliffs and sandy terrain defined the landscape for miles around, making the journey feel even more drawn out with the unchanging scenery. Regardless, the party was pleased to have an excuse to put its carriage to good use.    Disaster almost struck the party when a band of young rocs attacked the party convoy and nearly killed Cedar, but the only casuality proved to be a spare horse trailing behind the wagon. As the party moved further down the trail to escape the eye of future rocs, Giga's owl familiar Speck spotted a figure riding down the road towards them. A female red tiefling introduced herself as Kali Taldou, oversee at Pelaios Ranch a couple hours down the road. Kirby had summoned a giant boar from his Bag of Tricks when Kali approached, but the only weapon the tiefling carried was a small firearm holstered at her side. Cautiously, the party agreed to follow her to the ranch.    Pelaios Ranch proved to be a small hamlet with just half a dozen buildings centered around a main thoroughfare. Teifling farmhands tended to the horses while a pair of aarakocra protected the cattle from roc attacks, with no more than a dozen workers on the ranch. As Kali led them to the large mansion at the center of the ranch, the party noticed a burnt-down building with nothing but charred rafters still jutting from ground. Kali explained how the ranch's forge was burned down by a drow raiding party more than a week ago, the blacksmith Mormo disappearing into the night. When pressed for details, Kali admitted that nobody was awake to witness the drow attacking the forge.   A while later the party was introduced to Pelaios Salkhad, an overweight blue tiefling and owner of the cattle ranch. Kirby and the others decided to hide their identities, pretending to be a troupe of motivational speakers traveling through the frontier. Perplexed as to why a motivational speaker would make the dangerous journey through Rakka's wilderness, Pelaios convinced Kirby to give an inspirational speech to the party over a campfire cookout that evening. The ranch felt more energized than ever, and Pelaios raised a toast to their missing blacksmith Mormo.    Tensions remained in the party, Kirby choosing to sleep in an alleyway to escape Giga's constant harassment. Giga charmed his way into sleeping in Pelaios' estate, while Cedar kept watch near the ruins of the burnt-down forge. With the wagon moved behind one of the main buildings, Kipp and Cig decided to sleep out under the stars just in case these stories they'd heard of drow attacks proved to be true. While the ranch's farmhands fell asleep after a night of good food and drink, the party noticed strange movement on the edges of the farm. Kirby was the first to notice a figure as it moved into the light of the main thoroughfare, alerting Cig and Kipp when he realized that a tiefling man was approaching them.    With most of the party awoken, Cig confronted the tiefling as he made his way down the ranch's main thoroughfare. The tiefling said his name was Mormo and that he had no recollection of the past week's events, but Kirby sensed something off with the guy. Cig grew suspicious too when he caught the tiefling in a lie about his hometown, Kipp and Cedar situating themselves nearby for a future encounter. Meanwhile, Giga slept peacefully as Mormo turned violent and began fighting with the rest of the party...

Rewards Granted

  • Giga Tron joined the party
  • Lilith Dracsthik joined the party
  • Kipp obtained some eyeglasses
  • Kirby obtained some sunglasses and a desert hat
  • Cedar obtained some antitoxins and an herbalism from the Academy's student-run conservatory
  • Cig and the other party members purchased a month's supply of rations

Missions/Quests Completed

Ongoing Quests
Find the aasimar Hedera
  • 1,000GP reward split among the party
  • Rumored to have traveled to Rel-Kadrar
  • The party agreed to travel west to investigate this issue
Find the bullywug smuggler Gorf Sunko
  • 1,500GP reward split among the party
  • Rumored to have traveled to the aarakocra town of Rel-Avery
Steal Airship Plans from Rel-Kadrar for the Silver Beak
  • 2,000GP reward for each folder, split among the party
  • A contact by the name of the The Red Whisper will help them in Rel-Kadrar
Bring Pino Chio back to life
  • Decarabia has promised to pay the party if they can find a way to bring Pino back to life
  • Pino doesn't have to be a fearsome barbarian, but Decarabia would like having an old friend to help out in the tavern
Defeat a huge monster terrorizing mining settlements in the dwarven Free State of Thorvald
  • 10,000GP reward split among the party
  • adventurers from the kingdom of Glace may assist the party
  • The party chose to put this mission on the back-burner to deal with several bounties out west
Completed Missions
Defeat the ghost ship terrorizing merchant vessels near Qilthani
  • 950GP reward for each party member who survived
  • 6 horses and 1 carriage rewarded for future use

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
21 Jul 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players


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