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Cedar Amateur de Fruits

A female fairy and veteran member of Rakka's Heroes. Growing up with a strong connection to Ekal's mountains and the old forms of magic, as an adventurer she proved to be an expert negotiator and lecturer on the importance of all-natural foods.   As an member of Rakka's Heroes, Cedar had a mischievous streak and zero concern for the property damage caused by her spells. While no charges were pressed, in the fall of 900 she was present at the elven Measure for Measure tavern fire in Qilthani and may have been an accessory to the necromancer Zilocke's subsequent massacre.   Similarly, on New Year's Eve that same year she was staying in the factory town of Rel-Kadrar when the nation's worst mining disaster left hundreds of goblin miners crushed beneath the earth. Many blamed the disaster on drow rebels from The Verschow as part of the build-up to their assassination of High Marshal Jalil Hafiz later that same night, but survivors claimed they saw snakes and lightning bolts shooting out from the deepest reaches of the mine before its collapse (far different from any kind of drow magic). Once again, Cedar avoided any accusations and blame for the disaster.   After the defeat of the aasimar Hedera and the unearthing of a devilish conspiracy in Rakka, after the disbandment of Rakka's Heroes in 901 Cedar left the nation's harsh climates and settled somewhere with a closer connection to the feywild. She found herself back in Broggfey, encouraging the orcish settlers to reject an industrial lifestyle and maintain a close connection with the natural world on threat of certain death :)

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Druid, Circle of Land (Mountain)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cedar has a darker history than most would expect from her laughing/trolling/lawyer nature. She witnessed the torture and murder of her family in the Fey Plains.

Her parents were indebted to something in the fey plain but, Cedar was too young to understand what or why. When her parents were unable to meet their side of the deal, something, maybe fairies (maybe not), came for them. her mind has twisted them into horrible creatures of darkness and malice, but she knows not what they truly were. Her parents were alerted to their coming beforehand by a friend on the inside and managed to hide her under a floorboard before they arrived. However she was still able to see through a crack in the boards. She watched as they came and tortured her family members to death one by one, slowly and painfully. First her eldest sister, then her twin older sisters, then her mother and father. The images were scarred into her mind. The 'monsters' burned her home to the ground after they killed everyone, but she was able to escape with a locket containing a small portrait of their family altogether. This was kept under her clothes and never seen by anyone.   She ran through a nearby portal and emerged into Broggfey, where she continued running until she passed out. She was found by a kind druid mountain group and subsequently adopted. She trained with them and learned of the old magic, the kindness of the universe that can turn to harsh destruction in a matter of moments. The simplicity allowed her to understand the world around her and continue on the road to becoming the druid she is today.
Chaotic Good
Year of Birth
875 56 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
3 lbs
Aligned Organization


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