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Kali Taldou

A red tiefling and veteran member of the Gilded Hecat Guild. A former overseer at Pelaios Ranch, she worked on half a dozen ranches across the Rakkan frontier before agreeing to work at Pelaios Salkhad's small-scale cattle farm. She was quick to adopt the new firearm technology being produced in Rel-Kadrar, becoming one of the best sharpshooters in Rakka.   After the destruction of Pelaios Ranch in the fall of 900, Kali left the frontier and took odd jobs as a bounty hunter and security guard for the kingdom's industrialists. In the year 905 she was offered a job an adventuring job by an old acquaintance in his new guild, a career change promising better pay and more respect for her marksmanship skills. Within years she became one of the most famous adventurers in Southern Pescat, able to shoot a rampaging harpy from more than half a mile away. Preffering to work on solo missions hunting down monsters and bounty targets alike, she would spend winters in Dhyrlonis catching up with Kirby and sizing up the new waves of adventurers.   After Kirby was forced to resign from the GHG in disgrace in 920 Kali took over as an interim leader, working to repair the organization's reputation and reckoning with past abuses. When Xa'kara Reid volunteered to take over operations in 923 Kali happily surrendered responsibility, retiring to a cattle ranch in the Rakkan countryside not far from the Bahamut Mtns..
Year of Birth
878 57 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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