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(a.k.a. Gadreel (Tiefling Name))

A female human and member of The Shroud who operated out of the city of Rel-Kadrar disguised as a male tiefling. Not much is known about their birthplace, but Medraad Le Fey tasked her with establishing a Shroud presence in Rakka only a couple years after the Sunken God's Reign of Terror. While most of the organization focused on tracking aberrations and cults devoted to deities from the Far Realms, Alara researched information about fiends and devils that may be interfering with life in Rakka. Those investigations placed her in dangerous contact with the devil Naberius and his aasimar conspirator Hedera, leading to her eventual corruption and transformation into a merregon on New Year's Day 901.
871 901 30 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed during fiendish transformation by Hedera
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization

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