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Damon Kovel

A human fighter and former member of Rakka's Heroes. A former commander in Nikolaj Baratov's armies in Myltev, he abandoned the fight and moved to Rakka to escape the horrors he experienced fighting the Sunken God's sahuagin forces and rival bands of pirates. Unfortunately he was quickly corrupted by devils that had infiltrated the region, trading his soul for greater power before cutting ties with Rakka's Heroes altogether.   On New Year's Eve 900 he fought Cig when the party discovered a Regulated Steel factory being used to create armies of mindless fiends, succumbing to multiple rapier wounds and dying just hours before the start of the new year.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Fighter, Echo Knight

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Damon came of age in the years between Cpt. Tarkov's reign of Myltev and Nikolaj Baratov's rise to power, a perfect time to be a fighter in the island kingdom. He commanded one of Nikolaj's armies that conquered the city of Oblast in 897, and that fall he traveled west to the Elflands to fight alongside half a dozen other nations against the Sunken God's sahuagin fleet. In the following years he patrolled the islands of Myltev, rooting out the holdout pirate bands that refused to recognize Nikolaj's authority. In a particularly vicious battle in the woods outside of Vostok his brother was stabbed to death, traumatizing Damon and completely changing his plans for the future.
With his brother dead and Myltev's islands pacified, Damon felt no reason to stay in Oblast and decided to resign from his post as commander to seek adventure elsewhere. He heard stories from tiefling merchants about Rakka's new adventuring group, so he sailed west and applied for a position in Rakka's Heroes. His unique fighting style impressed Director Astara Hadad, and his sturdiness in combat reassured the the director that she wouldn't have another adventurer die on her watch.   Damon's first quest was to clear out a pack of gnolls hiding out in the wilderness northeast of Qilthani, but along the way he was waylaid by a band of kenkus. Once the kenkus were killed the party discovered a case of books hidden inside their wagon, one of which summoned a devil upon opening. The devil explained how he had no intention of killing the party outright so long as they had something valuable to offer him in return. Damon, in order to the save the lives of the other party members, agreed to sell his soul. With his soul forfeit to the fiend Naberius, Damon started killing people for his devilish overlords and abandoned his fellow party members to work on a conspiracy to plunge Rakka into a civil war where souls from both side of the conflict would be sent to the Nine Hells. He traveled west to Rel-Kadrar to continue work on the conspiracy, and it was here that he had his fatal reunion with his party member Cig.
Chaotic Neutral
874 900 26 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Cig
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
230 lbs
Aligned Organization


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