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A male tiefling and leader of the Regulated Steel militia in Rel-Kadrar, 901 - Present. Growing up in poverty and working long hours at the local factories, Regulated Steel under Sammal's leadership gave him an escape from this grueling life and a position of power. He played a game of poker with Rakka's Heroes aboard a train from Rel-Avery to Rel-Kadrar in the final week of 900, reluctantly answering some probing questions from Seraphina Cedarroost.   On New Year's Eve Damakos was nearly transformed into a mindless fiend by Damon Kovel as part of a devilish conspiracy involving Sammal and his wife Hedera. Seraphina, Cig, and Christopher Isherwood together defeated Damon and rescued Damakos from the gruesome transformation. When a couple of Regulated Steel agents rushed over to the site of the fight Damakos explained to them the fiendish corruption that had taken hold of their organization, together agreeing to organize a revolt against Sammal and reclaim their beloved organization. After Sammal's death at the New Year's Eve gala later that evening, Damakos led a successful coup at Regulated Steel HQ and rooted out all of Sammal's fiends within the order's ranks. By a unanimous vote, he became the new leader of Regulated Steel, representing the militia at the signing of the Treaty of Rel-Kadrar later that same year.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He's always seen wearing the distinctive plate armor of the Regulated Steel militia, including a intimidating face guard that hides the guard's eyes and expression.
Year of Birth
864 67 Years old
Aligned Organization


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