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EooD Session 22: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

General Summary

Month 13, Week 4, Year 900
Damon and Cig agreed to a one-on-one duel, but almost immediately the fight turned into an all-out brawl. The fiery steel of Damon's glaive nearly left Cig unconscious, compelling Seraphina to join the fray after rescuing Damakos. Christopher fired off some crossbow bolts and Gadreel showed up to fire off some Eldritch Blasts, but neither of them managed to hit Damon once. In the meantime Cig and Seraphina were able to deal some serious amounts of damage, infuriating Damon and fueling his rage-like state that sapped energy from his brother's echo form. His attacks became more reckless, and Cig managed to find the right opening to cast 'Divine Smite' and kill Damon once and for all. Damon had sacrificed everything for greater power, only to be felled at the hands of an abandoned ally.    After the fight Rakka's Heroes investigated the warehouse for any information about the devilish conspiracy and the fiendish soldiers in Regulated Steel's ranks. Cig inspected the mask that Damon tried to place on Damakos, discovering rows of fiendish markings on its interior intended to transform the wearer into a devil. Gadreel took the mask back to her Shroud office to investigate the item, but she discouraged the party from destroying it since her bosses in the Shroud would want to inspect it first-hand back in Kanara.   Seraphina also discovered some useful information about how to identify fiendish RS agents from regular ones through a series of markings on their shoulder pads. Interestingly, Sammal's wife was mentioned in many of the organization's reports, a human woman that Sammal had married less than a year before...   In the meantime Cedar and Eli tried to enjoy themselves at the New Year's Eve gala despite an overwhelming sense of doom. Cedar got a delegation of half-elves from Despero completely wasted, and Eli shared a wonderful dance with Criella under a sea of dancing lights. The two of them also caught the attention of foreign dignitaries seeking to establishing adventuring guilds of their own: a band of dragonborn from Bahamut offered a job for Cedar, and Paoli Piedmonte offered to pay Father Eli generously to hunt down Antony Vivaldi with a group of adventurers. Vivaldi had been the one to sell Kipp Vala the cursed armor that cost the tiefling her life, but as the newest member of Rakka's Heroes Eli had no idea who Paoli was talking about.    Around this time Director Astara assembled the group to warn them about a message from Cig: Sammal's wife Ivy may be Hedera in disguise, and she's likely the central player of the devilish conspiracy. As if on cue, Sammal and Ivy entered the gala decked out in a gaudy military uniform and a blood-red dress. Regulated Steel guards stood watch at every corner of the ballroom, but one agent followed behind the couple with the markings on its shoulder pads that Seraphina had warned about. While Sammal came to gloat a while longer, Father Eli offered a toast to the young couple and cast 'Devil's Charm' on Sammal. He also took this time as an opportunity to spike the drinks with holy water, pleased to see Ivy choke on her drink and sputter from its radiant effects. The fiendish agent took Ivy over to the observation deck to catch her breath while Sammal went to make the rounds at the party.    Not long after Cig and Seraphina arrived, dressed in formalwear picked up at Gadreel's loft. Christopher, still wanting to avoid Paoli as much as possible, donned some Rakkan armor and helped Cpt. Rudovik's forces keep watch on the streets surrounding city hall. Rakka's Heroes regrouped for the first time all day, sharing everything they knew about the devilish conspiracy and Ivy/Hedera's involvement. Everybody was in agreement that Sammal was plotting a coup, especially when the current leader of Rakka entered the gala escorted by two warforged guards. Jalil Hafiz had ruled the nation for a quarter century, and his whole reign was set to be undone by the night's end. Father Eli tried warning him about the devilish conspiracy, but the nation's High Marshal appeared unfazed by the news.   After catching up with a drunk Cpt. Rudovik, Cig introduced himself to Ivy/Hedera for some small talk about the new year and Rakka's vital role in the industrial era. In the meantime one of Hafiz's warforged summoned Eli for an audience with the High Marshal. Away from prying ears, Jalil asked Eli for all his information about the devilish conspiracy, vowing to root out all involved to defend the kingdom. Eli complied, but just as Jalil was about to leave a wave of bluish flame appeared to consume Rakka's leader.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Damon Kovel - former Rakka's Heroes member who sold his soul to a devil. Killed by Cig at a Regulated Steel factory
  • Damakos - a tiefling Regulated Steel who was convinced by Seraphina of the group's corruption. He joined with a couple agents to start an internal rebellion against Sammal's leadership.
  • Gadreel - a tiefling(?) and Shroud agent working in Rel-Kadrar. They helped Cig and Seraphina review some of the documents stolen from the Regulated Steel factory and loaned them formalwear for the New Year's Eve gala
  • Astara Hadad - Director of Regulated Steel
  • Naamah Asker - Director Astara's trusted secretary and girlfriend
  • Criella - Priestess of the Rel-Kadrar temple of The Ageless One and Father Eli's date to the New Year's Eve gala
  • Paoli Piedmonte - Leader of the nation of Sardivelia and attendee at the New Year's Eve gala. He's actively seeking adventurers for an adventuring group of his own to hunt down Antony Vivaldi 
  • Rudovik - the hobgoblin commander of the military garrison in Rel-Kadrar introduced Cig to Hedera/Ivy
  • Sammal Najjar - Leader of Regulated Steel and shamelessly ambitious
  • Hedera - an aasimar woman disguised as a human and married to Sammal. She's definitely a fiend.
  • Jalil Hafiz - The current military leader of Rakka. Depending on next week's session, the word 'current' might not be necessary
Report Date
27 Oct 2020
Primary Location
Featured Players

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