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EooD Session 23: New Year, New Coup

General Summary

Month 13, Week 4, Year 900
With just hours to spare before the new year, chaos erupted at the New Year's Eve gala when drow rebels infiltrated the ballroom at city hall and started attacking high-ranking government officials. High Marshal Jalil Hafiz and Rel-Kadrar's garrison commander Cpt. Rudovik were both killed in a matter of seconds, and without Cig's quick thinking Director Astara may have been the drow's next target.    Guards from the Regulated Steel and Jalil's warforged started attacking the drow rebels, a task made difficult by the invisibility spell shrouding them. While Cig escorted Astara and Naamah to safety, the other members of Rakka's Heroes took the chaos as an opportunity to attack Hedera. Even with a fiendish Regulated Steel to defend her from attacks, a combination of spells and rapier attacks wore down Hedera's health and forced her to retreat. Revealing a pair of black leathery wings, she flew through the ballroom's observation window to fight another day. She tried to bring Sammal along, but amid the confusion and fighting she lost hold of her husband and he plummeted to his death eight stories below.    After collecting his weapons from Christopher and handing Astara over for safekeeping, Cig rushed back upstairs to check on the other party members. Once it was clear that the fighting was through he leaped onto Fluffy's back and started bounding through the city for any lead on Hedera's whereabouts. Seraphina took to the air with her Broom of Flying, rushing over to Regulated Steel HQ to check on Damakos and his anti-Sammal rebels.    In the meantime Father Eli and Cedar stayed behind at city hall to quell any signs of unrest. Eli gave a rousing speech to unite the soldiers and Rakkan officials in common purpose against the drow, agreeing to take the title of High Marshal in order to get a handful of warforged guards under his control. Astara organized an emergency meeting with Rakka's military council to determine a permanent replacement to Jalil (Astara mentioned the former High Marshal's daughter Proserpine Hafiz as a likely successor), and in the meantime Eli reunited with Criella to process everything that had happened in the past hour. To think just one week ago Eli was doing odd jobs at local temples in Rel-Avery, now he was the most powerful tiefling in Rakka!   Seraphina and Cig continued to race towards Regulated Steel HQ, the former breaking into one of the side windows while the latter was barred entry at the gates and forced to observe from a distance. The scene at Regulated Steel was full of uncertainty and tension, rival factions arguing with each other in the wake of Sammal's death. Seraphina tried to search for Damakos' office, but she was stopped by a couple of fiendish guards and got into a prolonged fight with them until one of Damakos' allies came to her rescue. It took some convincing, but Seraphina persuaded the guard to take her to Damakos despite concerns over the halfling's safety.    Noticing some of the fighting overhead, Cig urged the guards at the gate to let him in before the fiends took over. Some hesitated at the paladin's intimidating presence, but a burly (and fiendish) guard stepped forward to counter Cig's demands. In response he tossed a vial of holy water at the guard, revealing his fiendish and faceless form to the other guards and convincing them to let him through. The Regulated Steel revolution had begun, agents pushing through the building's many floors to purge their organization of any fiends in sight.    Meanwhile Seraphina met with Damakos, catching him up on the news from the gala and asking for any information he had on file about Hedera's possible whereabouts. Damakos was reluctant to help, but as sounds of open conflict echoed through the building Damakos rushed out into the halls of HQ and joined the fray alongside Cig and the other Regulated Steel agents. Dropping their visors to reveal their true faces, the guards pressed forward and broke through the fiend's stiff resistance to reclaim the building for themselves.    While Damakos led the final onslaught, Cig and Seraphina reunited to search for any information about Hedera. As they speculated on potential hideouts for Hedera, the bells at Rel-Kadrar's Temple of the Ageless One echoed through the night and heralded the start of a new year. Seraphina stole a kiss from Cig, and several blocks away High Marshal Eli Anderson kissed Criella.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Hedera - an aasimar woman deeply involved in a devilish conspiracy. For about a year she was married to Sammal disguised as a human and under the pseudonym Ivy
  • Sammal Najjar - the leader of the Regulated Steel militia. He was a victim of the drow terrorist attack at Rel-Kadrar's New Year's Eve gala, but unlike other victims he fell to his death eight stories below.
  • Astara Hadad - Leader of Rakka's Heroes, she actually survived the drow attack thanks to Cig's help
  • Naamah Asker - Astara's reliable secretary and plus one to the gala
  • Criella - priestess of Rel-Kadrar's Temple of the Ageless. Also the High Marshal of Rakka's girlfriend I guess?
  • Damakos - a member of Regulated Steel currently in the process of liberating the group of any fiendish influence. Turns out he's a blue tiefling!
Report Date
03 Nov 2020
Primary Location
Featured Players

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