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EooD Session 20: Conspiracies Smell Like Sulphur

General Summary

Month 13, Week 4, Year 900
With just 36 hours to go before the the New Year's Eve gala, the party searched for as much evidence of a devilish conspiracy as possible. Seraphina tried to find Damakos to ask him about why Regulated Steel was lying about the number of agents assigned to the train the party took into Rel-Kadrar, but she ended up spending a couple hours with his sister Shava discussing mining operations in the city.   Unsatisfied with the trip, Seraphina left to regroup with the rest of Rakka's Heroes and deal with the cursed ledger. Eli suggested returning the ledger to the Staves bookstore so the Shaumarghs could safely open it for them, but Cig and the others believed it'd be best to have the ledger's conjuration spell dispelled altogether. Nobody in the party was capable of such a spell, but Eli knew someone at the local Temple of the Ageless One who could help: Priestess Criella, temple leader and his date to the New Year's Eve gala.   The ceremony went well at first, Criella buffed by spells from Cig and Eli as she prepared to cast 'Dispel Magic'. Unfortunately, the conjuration attached to the ledger proved too strong to dispel, and a giant devil filled the room with a noxious cloud of sulphur. Half of the party was stunned by a otherwordly shriek, and within seconds Criella had her throat slashed open by the devil and bled to death on her office floor. Cig delivered a devastating rapier attack that banished the devil back to the Nine Hells, and with Eli's quick thinking an acolyte rushed over to the office in time to cast 'Revivify' on Criella. Amid the chaos Seraphina rushed over to the ledger to find any mention of Hedera, the book turning to ash as an enchanted fire quickly consumed the pages. With a quick scan of the ledger she spotted an entry mentioning Hedera, the aasimar's address listed as a Regulated Steel factory on the east end of town. The ledger turned to ash moments later.   As they recovered from the deadly encounter, a detachment of Regulated Steel agents blocked off the entrance to Criella's office to grill the party on the reported disturbance and fiendish attack. Cedar wild shaped into a spider to escape the room undetected, while the rest of the party was forced to argue with the agents about how they were the victims in the attack and hadn't intentionally summoned the devil. Criella vouched for the party, but not before Regulated Steel's director showed up in-person to antagonize the party. Rude and condescending, Sammal Najjar warned Rakka's Heroes from interfering any further with Regulated Steel affairs and urged them to leave gala security to the Sammal's agents. Cig called Sammal's bluff by threatening to get the Rakkan military involved, convincing the tiefling to let the party go for now while he headed downtown to meet with Director Astara.   By this point Cedar had crawled onto Astara's shoulder and Seraphina was tailing Sammal from a safe distance, flying in through a window to act as support for the Director during tense negotiations. Sammal reissued his ultimatum to keep the party from interfering at tomorrow night's gala, but Astara insisted that Rakka's Heroes had just as much right to be there as Regulated Steel or the national military. Seraphina and the others worried that Sammal would try to kill Astara at the meeting, but in the end Sammal left the meeting with a warning that Rakka's Heroes would regret not taking the deal when they had the chance.   Eli and Cig had a tense conversation outside the Temple of the Ageless One about the dangers the party was getting involved in, and before long they all regrouped for another team meeting in Director Astara's room. Everybody agreed that Sammal was involved in the devilish conspiracy in some form, and that he was probably planning a coup beginning with tomorrow night's gala. Astara was disappointed to see an old friend become corrupted to the point where they would actively associate with devils, but she gave the greenlight to all of the party's plans for tomorrow night.   On a final note for the night, half the party received a telepathic message requesting them for a secret meeting a few blocks over. Cig, Seraphina, and Christopher all went over to a closed-up stables to meet with the The Red Whisper, a kalashtar and Handgun agent tasked with helping the party steal Rakkan airship plans for the Silver Beak. Cig asked if she would be ok with moving up the time of the heist to 3pm, and the Red Whisper reluctantly agreed. The goblin paladin also tried getting the kalashtar to help them investigate the Regulated Steel factory nearby, but she said that was far beyond the Handgun's area of expertise.   Less than a day remained before the gala, and the party's plan was slowly taking shape.

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13 Oct 2020
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