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EooD Session 19: Bookkeeping

General Summary

Month 13, Week 4, Year 900
With less than forty-eight hours to go before the New Year's Eve gala in Rel-Kadrar, Cig and Seraphina wandered through the evening streets to meet with some kenkus. Along the way Seraphina was pestered by a disheveled aarakocra who insisted he had nothing to do with the massacre of Rakka's Heroes at sea, but the halfling managed to make him leave by pretending to offer a prayer to Tyr like she'd seen Eli do. She also pickpocketed the aarakocra and gave him back the copper pieces pretending they were a donation.    Inside Clankers the two adventurers spent an obscene amount of money on a drinks sample platter before heading over to a booth where three kenkus sipped at glasses of mead. With Cig saying the proper code words, the kenku leader introduced herself as Larkin and filled the two of them in on the plan to steal Rakkan airship plans. The Silver Beak had contracted a master thief known only as The Red Whisper from a thieves guild called The Handgun. Cig and Seraphina would work with the Red Whisper to break inside a warehouse on the east side of town and steal as many parts of the plans as possible (the plans were split into three major parts, the Silver Beak rewarding 2,000GP for each part). The goblin and halfling debated with each other over how trustworthy The Handgun would be as an ally in the mission, but they agreed only after Larkin promised to gather any intel about devilish activity in town. Cig was interested in staking out the factory, especially since it was right next door to a Regulated Steel armory.    Still burning the midnight oil, the paladin and the rogue continued their night on the town and visited The Staves bookstore to see if they could find any proof of fiendish activity. The two of them sneaked through the service alley behind the bookstore, unlocking the back door with ease and making their way over to the store's basement door. As they were just about to start investigating, a blue tiefling man appeared behind them and cast 'Charm Person' on the two adventurers. Over a couple of cigars and a bottle of Joseph, the tiefling introduced themselves as Alara and explained that they were working for an anti-occult group known as The Shroud. Alara would let them continue with their break-in, but in return, they wanted a chance to study the bookstore's ledger for themselves. That book would have any potential information about where the fiendish book came from that killed Gusty in Rel-Avery. Cig and Seraphina agreed, but as soon as 'Charm Person' was dispelled they stole the ledger and ran away into the night without returning to Alara.    Back at the Red Coals Inn the party held an emergency meeting at three in the morning to go over their recent discoveries. Director Astara was intrigued that Naberius' devilish conspiracy had caught the attention of the Shroud, but she defended her assistant Naamah when Cig accused her of sharing intel with the group. A half-asleep Father Eli cast 'Detect Magic' on the ledger, taking it as a bad sign that a conjuration spell emanated from the book. The party convinced Astara that not everybody had to be present at the New Year's Eve gala, that half of the party could be out in the city investigating clues from the ledger while the other half went to the gala. Cig, Seraphina, and Christopher would investigate the city while Cedar and Eil would represent Rakka's Heroes at the party. All the better for Christopher, who didn't want to run into Paoli Piedmonte and get apprehended for his gambling debts. Before the meeting concluded, Director Astara gave Cedar a Ring of Spell Storing as a sign of apology for the probing questions earlier in the evening.    While the rest of the group called it a night, Seraphina visited Regulated Shield HQ in the wee hours of the morning to have a meeting with the captain of the evening rotation. Passing a 'Zone of Truth' test, she met with Cpt. Merimeh and asked him about Regulated Steel agents being tasked to guard trains traveling into Rel-Kadrar. Cpt. Merimeh confirmed that six agents were assigned to every train entering the city, which was three more than were assigned to the train that the party got attacked on. When Seraphina mentioned this discrepancy, Merimeh insisted that the records stated clearly that the full six agents were assigned to the train. Sensing a cover-up, the halfling abandoned the conversation and returned to the Red Coals Inn after taking the time to inspect the various floors of the Regulated Steel HQ.    That morning Father Eli and Cedar visited The Staves bookstore with Cig hiding in a nearby alleyway for support. The Shaumarghs, the elderly dragonborn owners, were distraught over last night's break-in until the tiefling bard cast 'Charm Person' on them both. Eli learned that neither of them had experienced anything fiendish in association with the ledger, leading the preacher to believe that the spell was designed to activate if anybody other than the shopkeepers opened the ledger. When asked about the aasimar Hedera, the dragonborn said they remembered a woman fitting her description visiting about a year ago with a well-dressed man, but for some unexplained reason their memory of that day was full of gaps. They wouldn't be the first to have this bout of unexplained amnesia: the tailor Cressel Rel-Khiat said he had a similar bout of forgetfulness when asked about the fabrics used to make the suits for the gnolls. Satisfied with the intel gathered, the party left the store and returned back to the hotel to make their final preparations for the weekend.    Less than a day-and-a-half remained until New Year's Eve.

Rewards Granted

Character(s) interacted with

  • Winfield Fussenfeathers - a male aarakocra and disgraced ship captain 
  • Mei Larkin - a female kenku and liaison from the Silver Beak who discussed stealing airship plans with Cig and Seraphina
  • Alara - a mysterious tiefling from The Shroud who charmed Cig and Seraphina and asked them to retrieve a ledger from The Staves
  • Astara Hadad - Director of the adventuring group Rakka's Heroes
  • Naamah Asker - Director Astara's personal secretary and (confirmed) girlfriend
  • Cpt. Merimeh - a purple tiefling and captain of the night rotation at Regulated Steel HQ
  • The Shaumarghs - an elderly dragonborn couple who runs The Staves bookstore in Rel-Kadrar
Report Date
06 Oct 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players

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