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A male aasimar with statuesque proportions, a relic of the Old Myltev empire and its unscrupulous archmages. After millennia of stasis he was awaken by the mouse Beguiler in the Koulan Forests, eager to piece together his fragmented memory in this new age.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Sorcerer

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Teherse'singh was discovered by the Fortunate Five adventurers in the winter of 919, helping them defeat Ownka Ramm and a demonic Theo Vechian deep in the Koulan Forests. He agreed to follow the party back to Sanjuro City to learn more about his origins, quickly becoming an official adventurer for the Gilded Hecat Guild. Through interactions with Chusei University's Prof. Klute, Teherse'singh learned more about Old Myltev's culture and the archmages who created him. He even had a brief interaction with Monomakh the Foreseer's soul trapped inside a magic jar (ie a wooden push puppet), an encounter that was quickly interrupted by the FF as cracks started to form in Monomakh's containment jar.    In the spring of that same year the FF joined Prof. Klute on a expedition to the town of Shisu where the ruins of Naum Kulikov's laboratories had recently been uncovered. Exploration of the site was cut short when a powerful entity nearly escaped from the lab, but Teherse'singh had plenty of time to learn about his origins: according to Naum's holograms, was nothing more than a tool sold to the highest bidder.    Back in the days of Old Myltev Naum made a habit of traveling across the multiverse and collecting powerful entities. After besting a deity in a game of cards, Naum won the spirits of hundreds of angels to do with as he pleased. Finding little use for so many angels in their celestial form, he melded their spirits with local commoners and created the statuesque constructs to create a more durable source of labor. Tougher than the dwarves and capable of outlasting even the oldest elves, these statues became a valuable asset for any aspiring archmage and were purchased in batches in the centuries leading up to Old Myltev's collapse. One such archmage, Monomakh, ordered dozens of them for his lair beneath modern-day Sanjuro City. This was where Teherse'singh sat for thousands of years, but some enterprising lizardfolk in Ownka Ramm's service must have moved him to their base in the Koulan Forests where a curious little mouse woke him from his centuries-long sleep.    What Teherse'singh does with this information remains to be seen, but in the meantime the statuesque sorcerer has proven a vital ally in recent FF missions. He helped lead the party to victory during the Way of the Range tournament arc, renewing interest in the ancient art of cinemalogues and filming much of the the FF's final showdown against Jin Wa. He defended his allies during the Siege of Nekutalin, Pt I, counterspelling counterspells as the party plowed through the city's densest fortifications.
~5,000 yrs old
Date of Birth
Late 2nd Cycle
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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