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A halfling male and current Headmaster of Chusei University, 919 - Present. Former head of Old Myltev studies at Chusei, 892 - 919. From a young age Klute was always obssessed with antiquities, first studying at Mulane College before learning the hard way that the Elflands Empire discouraged research into the evil ways of Old Myltev's archmages. After a brief stint at Tahrir College in Sabha dusting off stone tablets from the dragon-god kingdoms of the 1st Cycle, Klute learned about the numerous Old Myltevian sites in the Northern Territories and managed to get hired on to investigate the sites on Chusei's behalf. Several of these sites proved too dangerous to explore on his own, but with a band of adventurers contracted by the school several expeditions became feasible in the late 910's.   In the spring of 919 he traveled to the oasis town of Shisu with his graduate students to investigate the recently-uncovered lair of the archmage Naum Kulikov, using the Fortunate Five to deal with any threats encountered along the way. Despite significant discoveries including Teherse'singh's origins, Prof. Klute was unable to fully investigate the lab since the FF destroyed the lair to prevent a terrible monster from escaping. Disappointed by the half-finished expedition, Klute became a vocal critic of the FF's presence in the region and has started to unite much of the Chusei's faculty against them.   Later that year he was appointed by Kyoko Hara to become the new Headmaster of Chusei following her promotion as President of the Northern Union's diplomatic alliance. He has maintained Kyoko's leadership philosophy and kept many of her projects well-funded, but he's stopped numerous adventurers from interfering in the region.

Mental characteristics


  • Professor of Old Myltevian Studies at Chusei University (892 - 919)
  • Headmaster of Chusei University (919 - Present)


Contacts & Relations

  • Klute became a close confidante of Teherse'singh's during the adventurer's contract in the spring of 919
Year of Birth
842 86 Years old
Aligned Organization

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