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Naum Kulikov

A male tiefling and one of the last great archmages of the Old Myltev empire in Ekal's 2nd Cycle. Details on his background and upbringing are spotty at best, but it appears that he was next in line for leadership of the Empire right before its violent collapse during the Ostry Apocalypse.   Only a handful of scholars have started to thoroughly explore Naum's contributions to modern-day spellcasting, but it's become clear that he held a fascination with the multiverse and neighboring planes of reality throughout his career. One of his labs was unearthed in the Northern Territories near the city of Shisu, but excavations were suspended in 919 after members of the Fortunate Five adventuring group and Prof. Klute's excavation crew were nearly killed.   In Prof. Klute's history book Mage the Awakening, the halfling proposes that Naum Kulikov is the one responsible for the Ostry Apocalypse, tricking an archmage by the name of Ostry Gregorius into crafting the multiverse-hopping Blade for his own selfish goals. Naum used the Blade to travel to planes far beyond Ekal for his own mysterious goals, Klute says, but in the process he tore open portals to the Far Realms that flooded Ekal with monstrous deities during the Apocalypse.
~7,000 yrs old
Aligned Organization


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