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Kyoko Hara


A female human and talented spellcaster serving as the President of the Northern Union, 914 - Present. A graduate of Chusei University with a major in druidic magics, from an early age she showed an aptitude for the arcane and a willingness to risk life and limb for more knowledge. In 908 she was in the Lotan Conservation poaching grungs and dinosaurs, which led to a confrontation with a group of adventurers known as Seeking Scorpions. Her group of poachers were killed, but Kyoko managed to escape into the woods after burning all the grungs. Surviving the raid and the subsequent Great Fire of 908 that incinerated half of the Conservation, she made contact with The Shroud and helped them capture the pyromanical cultist responsible for the carnage Balasar Norixius.

By some mystery Kyoko found herself in the possession 50,000GP worth of gems in the summer of 908, discovered resting on the floor of her office once night. Perplexed and intrigued, she used this newfound wealth to expand her influence in Chusei and Sanjuro City, becoming the clear favorite to replace Headmistress Minori Aggretsuko after her passing in 914. Kyoko chartered the creation of a new astronomy lab as her first act as Headmistress of Chusei, hoping to uncover so many of the interplanar mysteries that plagued modern Ekal. In 918 she opened the University to short-term adventuring contracts from the Gilded Hecat Guild, leading to a profitable alliance between Kyoko and the adventurers from the GHG's Fortunate Five. This arrangement helped lead to the defeat of Ownka Ramm in the Koulan Forests, the founding of New Tolball after the successful Siege of Nekutalin, and the end of the Way of the Range's isolationism in the region.

Always a fan of gossip, her connections throughout the region have made her one of the most powerful power brokers on Pescaliat. With help from the FF she oversaw the creation of the Northern Union, a diplomatic alliance designed to peacefully resolve regional conflicts in the Territories. Despite some struggles with forces from the Knights of Rarita, she's determined to become one of Ekal's longest-reigning heads of state thanks to her druidic powers.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Druid, Circle of Wildfire

Mental characteristics


  • Chusei University (898 - 903)


  • Professor of Supernatural Biology at Chusei University (906 - 914)
  • Headmistress of Chusei University (914 - 919)
  • President of the Northern Union (919 - President)


Contacts & Relations

  • Kyoko keeps a fiery little elemental known as Mr. Fox as a pet
  • Kyoko has been romantically involved with Ageless One High Priest Heiwa for several years
Current Location
Year of Birth
880 55 Years old
Dark Blonde
Aligned Organization


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