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Way of the Range

A chain of mountains in the southwest region of the Northern Territories bordering the Campanel Desert. A chain of mountains existed in this part of the world dating back to the 1st Cycle, but it was given an extra boost in elevation by the Ageless One's Banishing Smite at the end of the Ostry Apocalypse. Its dangerous mountain trails are deadly for the average traveler, making it a perfect refuge for those fleeing the region's constant wars and study martial arts in peace. Several monasteries and dojos have been built at the summits of the Range's tallest peaks, testing the endurance of any monk seeking to join.   While historically neutral in the intrigues and wars of the region, in 919 Jin Wa and other monastery leaders agreed to join Kyoko Hara's Northern Union after her contracted band of mercenaries bested the Range's best monks and warriors in a spring tournament arc. While some monasteries have bristled at the exposure to the outside world, others have taken the Union as an opportunity to showcase their values and abilities.    Monasteries in the Way of the Range:
  • Way of the Astral Seers
  • Way of the Dragon-God 
  • Way of the Drunk Friars
  • Way of the Hot Ones
  • Way of the Long Arm
  • Way of the Regular Drunks
  • Way of the Spooky
  • Srikanth School of Slap


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