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Seeking Scorpions

A group of adventurers hired by The Gatekeeper in the spring and summer of 908 to find a suitable stronghold for his experiments. The group was more successful at getting into trouble than finding strongholds, especially after they obtained the Deck of Many Things from Auntie Jadoogar. The Deck proved to be the party's salvation when Ithilwen drew the Throne card, providing them with a suitable offering to the Gatekeeper who paid them handsomely for their work. The group disbanded not long after the Throne card's blessings were given to the Gatekeeper, especially after the warlock Mavis Wren sold her soul to the devil Naberius.


List of Members

Month 1, Year 908, 4th Cycle - Month 6, Year 908, 4th Cycle

Adventuring Party


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