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Piedmonte Family

One of the five great noble families of Sardivelia. Based in the city of Trecce, the Piedmontes became renowned for generations of skilled armorers and navigators. Observers have worried who would lead the family after Paoli Piedmonte, who remains childless and for years has refused calls to name an heir.


The Piedmonte family first gained notoriety during the early years of Gameth's founding, its members leading successful naval campaigns against the kingdom's rivals and surveying remote locations on the coasts of Pescat. Paolo Piedmonte was knighted by Queen Penumbra I of Gameth, using their newfound title to become one of the most influential families of what would one day become Sardivelia.    The Piedmontes only ever led one successful coalition during Sardivelia's short history, its reign cut short by a coup orchestrated by the Grappas Family. Paoli never forgot this betrayal, ensuring swift executions for any family that would dare question his authority. Paoli has many distant cousins and relatives within the Piedmonte family, but for decades he's chosen to sideline them in favor of leading Sardivelia with an iron fist. His inevitable death would lead to a succession crisis among the Piedmontes and the Sardivelian noble families at-large, leading some to speculate that the nobleman is playing some longer game with arcane forces.

Un Ponte Su Tutto

Founding Date
023, 4th Cycle
Political, Family
Family Leader
Parent Organization

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