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CoS Session 8: Post-Party Hangover

General Summary

  • Party has breakfast with Paoli Piedmonte after defeating Marcelo the Undying
  • Paoli explains how him and Azrael will pool resources together to unseat the other noble families and repel the Court of the Undying from Sardivelia
  • And if all of this help's Paoli's bottom line, all the better
  • Party fills him in on details of the meeting, even though they're suspicious of Paoli
  • Paoli thanks them for their assistance, promises quick passage back to Gameria
  • Before they leave, Aldo buys a nice uniform and makes some money at the dockyards
  • Catriona writes letters home to her sister Elan Quinn, upgrades dagger, crafts and sells furniture
  • Meanwhile
  • Nikolaj wakes up as skeleton in the brig of sunken ship
  • Chill guy named Rexfur says he brought him back to life
  • It’s free of charge, so long as Nikolaj spreads Rexfur’s good name
  • Nikolaj escapes sunken ship, starts walking who-knows-where
  • Sailing back to Gameria
  • Aldo eats raw fish, Catriona carves some woodwork, Roland sulks
Report Date
06 Oct 2018
Primary Location


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