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CoS Session 7: The Undying Gala

General Summary

  • The party boards Paoli Piedmonte's ship, a fancy privateer vessel where they're served some delicious chicken
  • Also, the ghost of Nikolaj Baratov starts to haunt the party after drowning in a kraken attack (don't ask)
  • Paoli explains his interest in stopping the Court of the Undying
  • The Court's influence has corrupted the noble families of Sardivelia, and change needs to happen to usher the kingdom into the modern era
  • There’s going to be a Gala that all members of the Court will be attending
  • It's a masquerade ball hosted inside one of the city's oldest temples, and the Court will hold its secret meeting at the end
  • But before any preparations can be, Aldo and Catriona need to apologize to Elvira in Trecce
  • Upon arrival in the city docks, Roland gets surprise letter from his old fighting partner Azrael
  • He goes with Paoli to meet him while Aldo and Catriona head to the docks to look for Elvira
  • Aldo and Catriona stop by a jeweler to buy necklaces that look similar to the ones Aldo stole
  • They try to haggle, but the jeweler doesn't care about their problems
  • Afterwards the meeting with Elvira doesn't go great
  • She accepts the gifts, but she’s still not a fan of the party
  • Elvira tells them to leave her alone and she’ll do the same
  • Catriona leaves a note for Ronaldo calling off their relationship
  • Aldo and Catriona get some drinks at tavern called the Pistol Shrimp
  • On the way to Paoli’s estate an Assassin attacks them!
  • He’s dressed all in red, and he nearly kills a very drunk Aldo
  • Both party memberstake a pretty good beating, but they survive
  • Assassin’s finishing move is a firebomb that does a good bit of damage and lets him escape
  • Meanwhile, Roland's adventure: Paoli takes him to the seedier part of town where lots of Red Hand activity has been reported
  • There’s a fighting ring in the center of one of the taverns, and Azrael’s in a booth in the back watching the fights
  • Azrael explains what he’s been doing since him and Roland parted ways
  • He was caught by the Court for a time, and he barely escaped with his life
  • Dire circumstances have left him in Red Hand’s debt
  • Azrael did convince the Hand to stop any hit jobs on Roland, he tells Roland about a secret passageway to Court meeting at the Gala
  • Roland, reluctantly, trusts his old partner and thanks him for the help
  • Roland spends the night drinking with Paoli and refusing his host's advances
  • Time to prepare for the Gala!
  • Aldo and Catriona make it to Paoli’s estate looking like hell
  • Roland deduces the assassin who jumped them was a Red Hand agent, he goes out to confront Azrael
  • He doesn't find Azrael, but he does get some info from the guys at the tavern
  • Azrael could protect Roland, but the Court's contracts with the Red Hand are still out on the other two
  • Roland will have a lot to ask Azrael about at the party
  • The party gets its costumes of the Gala
  • The theme is ‘Our Inner Beasts’
  • Roland’s mask is a wolf, Catriona’s a raven, Aldo’s a very convincing fox
  • Shopping and Improvements
  • Catriona works on some sketches, writes letter to her parents in Hakon
  • Aldo buys a penmanship book to work on his garbage handwriting
  • Moving around Trecce the party gets some info about Gen. Boua Ussaki leading coup in Avicenna
  • Welcome to the Masquerade Gala!!
  • All the Sardivelian families and Court members are there
  • Court of the Undying is known as a historical preservation society to most of the noble families, raising money with its shady connections to protect ancient landmarks and buildings all around Sardivelia
  • Paoli’s mask is an eagle, Azrael’s a red hawk
  • It's a chill party
  • Roland has a very terse chat with Valdemar who's wearing an octopus mask
  • Nikolaj’s ghost convinces Aldo to stuff his face with shrimp, thus igniting a shrimp addiction that would define Aldo until his dying day
  • Paoli points out some of the other court members (Argus, Fairouz, etc.)
  • Eventually the party confronts Azrael near the dessert table
  • It looks like Azrael really wants to help the party, but his hands are tied
  • He’ll do everything he can to assist the group (i.e. access to the Court meeting)
  • After Valdemar gives a speech to the Sardivelian nobles they sneak through a tunnel into crypts
  • Valdemar’s speech thanks Sardivelian families for all their help
  • He says their help will lead the nation into a new era for the ‘privileged’
  • When two Grappas brothers start fighting it gives the party enough cover to sneak away
  • The Court Meeting
  • Fairouz asks Valdemar what they’ll do now that Darwish the Undying is dead
  • Valdemar says there are plenty of privileged they can use in the upcoming ceremony, like Alma
  • Their plan to summon Ildred has found three potential summoning spots
  • Valdemar is pleased with Gen. Boua’s coup in Avicenna
  • The continent in chaos is just the kind of cover they need to summon Ildred
  • Marcelo asks about the party and their interference with the Court
  • Valdemar says they’re right here for Marcelo to fight
  • And with that, Azrael betrays the team and pushes them into crypt surrounded by Court members
  • Boss Fight: Marcelo and Azrael
  • Roland’s poisoned battleaxe immobilizes Marcelo multiple times
  • Aldo and Catriona take some pretty bad hits
  • Azrael breaks out of the Court's enchantment and starts helping the party!
  • After lots of tense moments, Roland delivers killing blow
  • Azrael is about to be possessed by Marcelo one last time, but Roland saves him
  • Aldo finds some gold in Marcelo’s ashes
  • Roland finds minutes of Court meeting, will use them later to prove the Court's influence in Liat
  • The party’s winding down
  • The party returns home, where Paoli and Azrael will spend the night discussing plans
  • Aldo stuffs his face with shrimp one last time
Report Date
29 Sep 2018
Primary Location


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