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A halfling/kalashtar artificer and former member of Rakka's Heroes. A savant at the creation of magic items, he abused his talents selling Bags of Holding on the black market to pay for his drug habit. His criminal enterprises got him banished from the former Elflands Empire, and his travels wound him up inside a Rakkan jail cell for several years. Rakka's Heroes, desperate for new adventurers after many deaths and defections, agreed to have Xalix work for the team in return for a shortened jail sentence.    The arrangement led to the capture of infamous smuggler Gorf Sunko, but Xalix didn't mesh well with the rest of the group. His drug habit resurged with a ferocious appetite, leading him to kill a dealer in Rel-Avery and go on a weeks-long bender in Rel-Kadrar. While the rest of Rakka's Heroes dealt with the fallout of High Marshal Jalil Hafiz's assassination and a devilish conspiracy, Xalix overdosed in the early days of the new year.
877 901 24 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died of drug overdose
Aligned Organization


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