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GHG Session 55: The Siege of Nekutalin, Pt III

General Summary

Month 3, Week 4, Year 919
Refusing to join Mr. Dynamite/Gray Hat for a banquet meal, the Fortunate Five continued their onslaught of attacks to defeat the crazy warlord once and for all. Mr. Dynamite tried to summon pillars of flame to stop the party's progress, but they were quickly extinguished by a web of Counterspells. Mr. Dynamite appeared to have a couple of spellcasters at his side capable of dealing insane amounts of damage, one of them knocking Reetma unconscious with a single touch. But when it became clear that Mr. Dynamite was incapable of teleporting Reetma's body away from the fight and back to some mysterious demiplane, one of these spellcasters teleported away and left the warlord to the mercy of the FF. Gray Hat was proven right that one person always managed to escape an encounter with the FF, but Mr. Dynamite never thought he'd be one of the people left behind.   So the fight raged on for a while longer, the warlord quickly toppled and his forces turned to ash by Teherse'singh's Sickening Radiance. The party had time to survey the ruins of Castle Nekutalin, Zan'kiri collecting the shattered fragments of the Horn of Valhalla destroyed by Mr. Dynamite while a Necklace of Fireballs was discovered behind the warlord's throne. Ysmyrelda activated a months-old charm given to her by Zan to explore the Castle and surrounding cityscape, uncovering hidden caches of gold pieces and a single magical breadstick left behind by a onetime ally. The party stuck around long enough for a feast celebrating Shogun Tolball's victory and the founding of his new kingdom, Windred and the other party members reassured that William Fintuna was not severely injured by the chaos of the siege.   Month 4, Week 1, Year 919
But a day's work is never done for a group like the FF, waking up the following day to continue their journey south towards the Old Myltevian ruins near Shisu. The city was a shadow of its former greatness as a resort town in the reign of the elven Kiri Clan, having weathered years of abuse and neglect after being annexed by Oda Clan a decade ago following the Oda-Kiri War. Zan'kiri almost got into some trouble when some Knights of Rarita accused him of being involved in the Olenjii massacre when he was unwillingly summoned to the city by his Horn, but they were forced to leave him be when it was clear that none of his magical components or items were on his person.   Later that day the party arrived at the excavation site, reuniting with Prof. Klute and his band of over-achieving students. This site used to be a lab used by the tiefling archmage Naum Kulikov, as evidenced by the giant mural depicting numerous hands and appendages (and one kaiju mouth) reaching out towards him in a mixture of fear and awe. Prof. Klute and the students hadn't been able to uncover much beyond thoroughly surveying the lab's central lobby, but Teherse'singh managed to trigger a dormant security system and got a hologram of the archmage Naum to speak with the party. This Naum hologram appeared to anticipate future adventurers pilfering his old lab, so he gave the FF 24 hours to explore the place before it would detonate and destroy everything for miles around (including Shisu). With this ultimatum in hand, the party quickly got started with a good old fashioned dungeon crawl.  

Rewards Granted

  • The party reached lvl 9
  • The party obtained a Necklace of Fireballs

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Mr. Dynamite - Somebody always gets to leave in a Gray Hat, turns out it wasn't him
  • Tolball - The newest leader and Sardivelia hater in the Northern Territories 
  • William Fintuna - Despite losing a frightful amount of blood during the skirmish, they shall manage to survive the fortnight
  • A handful of hostile Knights of Rarita in Shisu
  • Prof. Klute - The foresmost expert on Old Myltev at Chusei University 
  • Naum Kulikov - or at least a hologram copy of the archmage!


  • The Siege of Nekutalin semi-arc surprassed the Battle of Chernenko to become the single longest combat encounter in modern Ekal's history. 

Report Date
10 May 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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