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Horn of Valhalla

A series of magic horns forged by the elven kingdoms nearly a millennia ago to combat a rising wave of githyanki attacks on Ekal. Frustrated by three thousand years of exile from their home planes, the gith had turned to more violent ways of securing their freedom at the start of the 4th Cycle. The Elflands Empire and elven leaders of Kiri Clan were already on edge after fighting back a yuan-ti invasion of the Holy City of Dhamma, and with a new threat now falling from the sky they resorted to extreme measures to keep their kingdoms secure.   Wielding the horn allows the user to summon up to 25 gith against their will, forcing them to fight on the user's behalf for up to an hour. The horn appears to be able to detect gith pisonic activity from thousands of miles away, able to summon githyanki and even githzerai who have never set foot on Ekal before. No research exists on how to suppress the horn's abilities, destruction of the horn appearing to be the only way to end its effect on those enslaved by it.   For centuries the horns were a close-kept secret by the elven governments, knowledge about their power forcefully suppressed along with any discussion of the gith. Many mysteries remain about how the horns operate and who first invented them, and there's much debate over how involved the church of the Ageless One was in their creation. But with the collapse of the Elflands Empire in 897 and the fall of Kiri Clan in 908 the horns fell into the hands of countless thieves and magic-users alike, leading more and more people to learn about one of the elves' best-kept secrets.   In 921 a rift was temporarily opened in the Veil, allowing tens of thousands of gith to escape Ekal and return to their home planes. Far removed from the effects of the Horns these items became defunct relics of a more paranoid time, the ones that weren't destroyed at Zan'kiri and Kyoko Hara's insistence serving as decorative pieces in private collections.

Item type
  • Rare, Very Rare

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