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GHG Session 47: The Scenic Route

General Summary

Month 2, Year 919
  As members of the party like Ys and Zan'kiri started to master the Kiri-Common language, the Fortunate Five started planning out future adventures they could take throughout the Northern Territories. Teherse'singh obtained promises from Headmistress Kyoko and Prof. Klute about an expedition that spring to an Old Myltev site near Shisu, but in the meantime the party prepared for a journey to the tournament happening in the Way of the Range. Kyoko wanted the FF to act as representatives of Chusei University at the tournament, obtaining promises from the Range's leaders that they'd show up at Sanjuro City's annual international conference at the end of Month 4 (ie Dendro).   So the party wrapped up their unfinished business in Sanjuro City before traveling down to the Way of the Range, choosing to take the long way through Oda Clan so Zan'kiri could meddle with the zealous Knights of Rarita now acting as the kingdom's security force. Bubbles gave Bleu the blue grung 5GP so they'd stop stealing mint leaves from the town's inhabitants, and Windred met with fellow Shroud agent Nemuidesu while he summoned an expert on all things fiendish: Unalive Mortensen. Angry and self-righteous, Liv managed to clear up some questions regarding the fiendish forces the FF had been running into, like how Gray Hat was just a pseudonym for the archfiend Demogorgon. Gray Hat/Demogorgon was too paranoid to put all their fiendish plans into one basket, so the FF would have to keep an eye on Ekal's most desperate individuals and make sure that Gray Hat didn't try to keep expanding its operations. And to provide an appropriate send-off for Frogina George, Zan'kiri conjured a little guy named Kaynish to keep watch over the bullywug as she traveled down to Dhyrlonis to join an adventuring team of her own.   Most of the FF would have to spend some extra time in the spring to master the Kiri Common language, but for the time being Ys and Zan'kiri would act as worthy ambassadors throughout the region with Windred able to communite with the people comfortable with telepathic messages. The voyage south to Eld was uneventful save for Teherse'singh's one-man war against the seagull population, but the party quickly ran into the bureaucratic difficulties set up by the Knights of Rarita. Teherse'singh's magic nature was masked in the cargo hold of the train from Eld from Olenjii, but Zan'kiri was harassed on multiple occasions about the magic items on his person and his interplanar aura.   Once in the Oda Clan capital of Olenjii the party was forced to rest in the outskirts of town before hiking up the Way of the Range for the monk tournament, providing plenty of time for an ethical debate over whether it was in Ekal's best interest to help or oppress the Gith. Zan'kiri's 'Arcane Eye' gave him line of sight on the well-defended wielder of his Horn of Valhalla, but there was some debate over how to deal with this indivdual if Zan'kiri ever got his hands on him. Did the wielder know the power of the Horn he possessed, or was he just using it to help his own family/clan? If he was using it unaware of the horn's ethical implications, should he be spared the wrath of a githyanki necromancer?   These questions would be addressed when Oda Clan/Knights of Rarita arrived in Sanjuro City for the international conference. In the meantime, the FF had a tournment to fight in for the entertainment of a golden grung...

Character(s) interacted with

  • Kyoko Hara - Going all-in on the idea that the FF will keep its winning streak going for months to come
  • Toshiro Matsui - Still suspicious of Zan'kiri, but he can't argue with training results
  • Nemuidesu - It's hard to smoke so much, but he does it for The Shroud
  • Liv - It's not evil, it's just a business opportunity!!
  • Prof. Klute - Will abandon his entire semester's courseload to go on an adventure with Teherse'singh
  • Vernost - dragonborn GHG adventurer, starting to get used to the role of museum guard
  • Bleu - Is slowly understanding the concept of capitalism with Bubbles' help
  • Frogina George - a newly-minted adventurer
  • Several Knights of Rarita bureaucrats in Oda Clan
  • Jin Wa - The Golden Grung

Report Date
17 Mar 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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