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Toshiro Matsui

A human male and head of security at Chusei University in Sanjuro City. He served in the Kiri-Kawa-Oda War under Bucephalus the Rambunctious, but when Bucephalus instigated the Oda-Kiri War in 906 Toshiro saw the campaign as a selfish military venture and sought more peaceful work in Sanjuro City. His combat prowess helped him quickly work up the ranks, becoming a trusted ally of Chusei's new Headmistress Kyoko Hara.   Concerned about the outbreak of another war that could destabilize the region, Toshiro took a more conservative approach towards defending Sanjuro City by emphasizing traditional forms of combat and a rigid hierarchical structure among the city's security force. This was complicated by the addition of the Fortunate Five adventuring group to the city's military force in the winter of 919, with Zan'kiri bringing an unorthodox (and necromantic) approach towards the training of the city's forces. These differences were further exacerbated when the FF managed to uncover a cell of Gruumsh-worshiping lizardfolk beneath Sanjuro City in just a matter of weeks, but the contrast became untenable when Toshiro's guards failed to stop the worst heist in Chusei's history at the Museum of Natural Wonders.     Many of Toshiro's acolytes and allies were unceremoniously fired from Chusei, but he managed to survive the purge thanks to his years of experience. When Kyoko became President of the Northern Union in the summer of 919 he was appointed to deal with all the radical Knights of Rarita still causing trouble in Oda Clan, thankless work with no end in sight. In the meantime soldiers inspired by Zan'kiri's military teachings soon replaced Toshiro's forces in Sanjuro City, leading to a new generation of strategic thinking in the burgeoning city-state.

Mental characteristics


  • Head of Secuirty, Chusei University (909 - 919)
  • Head of the Northern Union Military (919 - Present)
Year of Birth
857 71 Years old
Aligned Organization

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