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Samira Kayhane

A female half-elf and warlock in service of The Shroud. Gifted with a deep curiosity for the world and its mysteries, her studies led her into the orbit of the anti-occult group The Shroud as it worked to expand its operations into the Northern Territories. She proved a valuable member of the organization on important missions in the region, like in 910 when she helped dismantle a Sardivelian eldritch machine in the Koulan Forests that was causing an increase in fiendish activity.

After retiring from field missions she was tasked with infiltrating Chusei University in Sanjuro City, a burgeoning academy seeking to increase its influence in the region by recruiting a variety of adventurers and researchers. Samira was a perfect fit, becoming the reliable/overworked secretary for the school's new headmistress Kyoko Hara.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Warlock, Great Old One

Mental characteristics


  • Secretary, Chusei University (911 - Present)
Current Location
Year of Birth
885 46 Years old
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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