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HHI Session 21: Bungled Break-Ins

General Summary

Month 5, Week 3, Year 908
With a week to kill before Mavis' leather crown would be complete, the Seeking Scorpions found all sorts of trouble to get into while in Sanjuro City. Reshi had just generously rewarded the group for their rescue operation in Younashi, providing them with plenty of funds to spend around town.   Let's start with Ownka. Meeting with some of the local blacksmiths, she picked up surplus supplies of daggers and clubs for her lizardfolk dockhands. If these underpaid lizardfolk were ever going to fight for Gruumsh's cause, they'd need some weapons to subjugate their enemies. Sneaking out of the city under cover of darkness, her and Log delivered the weapons to the lizardfolk and began their midnight campaign for better pay.   The horde of lizardfolk sneaked into one of the city's wealthier neighborhoods, eliminating the lone guard that had the misfortune of making this evening patrol. Ownka's band of fighters stormed the manager's estate, storming upstairs and threatening him at swordpoint to pay the lizardfolk a living wage. The manager immediately agreed, begging for his family's safety. Ownka destroyed an altar for the family's house gods on the way out, content with the night's work and bringing new souls to Gruumsh's cause.   Meanwhile, the rest of the party decided to take on some odd jobs for theHandgun. Kiros and Ithilwen staked out the Museum of Natural Wonders on Chusei University's campus, home to powerful magic item known as an Ioun Stone. The two of them staked out the place's security and enchantments, Ithilwen getting distracted when she noticed the tawny-haired woman from their failed Lotan Conservation mission giving a tour for some of the University's students. Kiros also tried to do some flirting with his ranger co-adventurer, a doubtless charming gesture if he wasn't an undead dragonborn.   That night while Ownka planned her lizardfolk uprising, Kiros and Ithillwen convinced Mavis to join them on their mission to steal the Ioun Stone. Since neither the elf or the kenku were full-time members of the Handgun, they had to make a small safety deposit of 300GP before they'd be allowed to work on the heist. The thieves' guild was suspicious of outside contractors after some jobs fell apart in Orem, but once the stone was filched and fenced they'd be getting their deposit back and then some.   The initial infiltration went well, Kiros clambering up the rooftops while his less dexterous allies dispelled the magic alarms on the entrances. They made their way to exhibit where the Ioun Stone stood on display in the middle of the room, emanating a powerful aura as it glowed in dim light. The Seeking Scorpions noticed some type of enchantment was placed on the stone's display case, and they took it to mean that casting 'Shatter' would be the best way for breaking through the museum's defenses.   It wasn't. The spell was strong enough to shatter every single display case in the room, but it also triggered the 'Glyph of Warding' spell on the Ioun Stone's exhibit. The party was immediately immediately enveloped in a wave on magic flames, knocking out Mavis and severely burning the other two. Ithilwen quickly healed Mavis back to consciousness, and while Kiros started dumping gems into his bag a couple of figures appeared on the other end of the room. One of them had tawny hair.   The fight was painfully brief, the tawny-haired woman summoning a wall of thorns that nearly killed Kiros as he tried to escape. Ithilwen tried to cast a spell to run away with Mavis, but it was immediately dispelled by one of the museum guards. The tawny-haired woman gave them the option to surrender, and with few tricks up their sleeve the Seeking Scorpions allowed themselves to be arrested and escorted to the office of this mysterious tawny-haired woman. She'd foiled the group twice now, what did she have planned for them?

Rewards Granted

Character(s) interacted with

  • Scarr - leader of a band of lizardfolk longshoremen armed and radicalized by Ownka to threaten their manager for better pay
  • Reshi - a yuan-ti agent for Maris Sissava, who paid the party their reward money for rescuing him from Younashi 
  • Kyoko Hara - A professor of natural history at Chusei University 
Report Date
18 Jan 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players

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