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GHG Session 51: Midterm Prep Work

General Summary

Month 3, Week 2, Year 919
  Trekking back from the Way of the Range's spectacular tournament, the Fortunate Five journeyed by train through Oda Clan and sailed on the Sakana Lakes back to Chusei University and Headmistress Kyoko Hara. She was more than pleased by the party's unbroken chain of successes, so to reward the FF for their hard work she showed them the interior of her Observatory, her life's work attempting to figure out how a bag of gems worth 50,000GP magically appeared in her desk one night. With the right components the observatory could show any section of the multiverse to the viewer, spying into mansions on the other side of Pescat or viewing the monstrous deities that haunted the negative planes surrounding Ekal. One of these entities, Atropus, was floating towards Ekal at a disturbing pace...   But with only six weeks to spare before delegates would start arriving for Sanjuro City's international conference, the FF planned out their next missions in the Northern Territories. The party's main focus would be on helping Prof. Klute and his students excavate the lab of an archmage dating back to the Old Myltev Empire, located in the Oda Clan oasis town of Shisu. The voyage down the Maguro River would have the party traveling near the Kiri Remnant, where they could assist one of Kyoko's allies in the region and help with the seige on the coastal town of Nekutalin. Tolball, a tortle warlord and leader of the Snow Crab Roll, almost had a majority of the Remnant under his control; if he captured Nekutalin he could be recognized as the region's rightful leader and act as a reliable ally for Kyoko's political strategies.   So the party tended to unfinished business around the city before leaving next Monday, Reetma promising to return to Skip for future training sessions while Bubbles searched for their blue friend Bleu. The mint-loving grung was nowhere to be found, but Zan'kiri managed to message Bleu and find out that they were 'hungry and under a waterfall'. Windred spoke with High Priest Heiwa to have them help in the search, the representative of the Ageless One promising to do all they could to help. There was also an awkward dinner with Prof. Klute where he unfortunately reminded the party of one of their least favorite adventuring partners. But Teherse'singh managed to make small talk with Monomakh the Foreseer, the jar containing the small wooden push puppet nearly shattering during the conversation. And Zan'kiri found a note buried in his robes one evening, a small business meeting in Sarditown with a person referred to only as 'A'.   And lest we forget, Windred traumatized a small tabaxi dropout from Mulane College during their boat ride to Sanjuro City. Zan'kiri tried pulling a prank on the young kalashtar by making her scalp itchy, leading Windred to believe that Craghan was trying another creepy spell on her head. She searched for the nearest spellcaster and ran into the tabaxi performer with a guitar and a mage hand, pushing him against a wall and trying to get him to confess. But the only thing the tabaxi had to confess was that he didn't know how to play the guitar, so a frustrated Windred let him go with a couple platinum pieces. Craghan is getting out of hand.

Character(s) interacted with

  • A poor tabaxi performer who had to confess they were a fraud to Windred
  • Kyoko Hara - Excited to see the FF continue with their string of indisputable successes
  • Heiwa - High Priest of the Temple of the Ageless One in Sanjuro City
  • Toshiro Matsui - Maybe having two people oversee a kingdom's military will lead to some bruised egos
  • Bleu - A hungry grung that's somewhere beneath a waterfall!
  • Skip - Reetma's psychic savant
  • Prof. Quespa - Skip's handler
  • Prof. Klute - a halfling expert on Myltev who knows everything except how to charm the FF
  • Liv - Don't make her angrier than she already is
  • Nemuidesu - One of the Shroud's best employees in the Northern Territories

Report Date
12 Apr 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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