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HHI Session 20: Let's Get Spiritual

General Summary

Month 5, Week 2, Year 908
The Seeking Scorpions spent a couple of days in the port town of Eld waiting on ship repairs before sailing to Sanjuro City. Kiros made more preparations for the party's long-term destination Ichigo, sketching out a copy of the city map and purchasing block and tackle for some unknown purpose. There was some awkward small talk between him and Mavis Wren, further questioning the kenku about her allegiance to the Gatekeeper.   Ithilwen spent her days in town searching for someone capable of removing the curse of Euryale. Ownka informed her that Gruumsh would be willing to lift the curse if she groveled before the god of war, but she was reluctant to stoop to such levels just yet.   So it was a refreshing sight to find a church of the Ageless One in town, even if its temple pagodas stood markedly different from the elven cathedrals in Southern Pescat. An old priestess performed a ceremony allowing Ithilwen to commune with the Ageless One for several minutes, learning about the services she must perform for the Ageless One to lift her curse. The Ageless One sought order in a chaotic world, urging its followers to fight back against those that would allow evil forces from other planes to sow discord. This reminded Ithilwen of the Gatekeeper and his otherworldly dealings, the Ageless One advising that to capture Wilbur would make her worthy of the deity's blessing. Afterwards the priestess gave the elven ranger some scrolls as a parting gift, dense spiritual reading for the journey head.    Just as the party prepared to leave Eld, Ownka and Log checked in with the lizardfolk dock workers one one last time to see if Gruumsh's preachings had helped them secure better wages. The lizardfolk explained how one of their workers went too far and bit off their manager's hand, an act that got them promptly thrown in jail. The other lizardfolk were being paid a little more with one less person on the payroll, and Ownka urged them to channel Gruumsh's strength whenever they needed to fight for better pay again.    Month 5, Week 3, Year 908
The voyage north towards Sanjuro City took two and half days, giving the party plenty of time to argue over religion and politics. Reshi tried to get Ithilwen to convert to Mershaulk, explaining how Maris planned to modernize yuan-ti society and make it more engaged with the rest of the world. Nessa listened to Kiros' story about his past life and struggles of adjusting to his new body, the yuan-ti suggesting meditation like the kind Maris taught to her agents.    Log once more tried to get Kiros to believe in the power of Gruumsh, a stubborn feud that ended with the undead dragonborn finally agreeing to join Ownka and the lizardfolk during a communion with the god of war. A run-in with a sea monster nearly left Kiros drowned in the water, but Log's quick thinking rescued him from certain death and gave her another point to use in Gruumsh's favor.    The party finally arrived in Sanjuro City, the largest metropolis in all of the Northern Territories. This city-state maintained its independence by acting as neutral territory for all the region's warring factions, providing prosperity and stability in a war-torn world. Reshi and Nessa left the group to do some surveying for Maris' cause, promising to return with the reward money.    Renting out a seedy tavern near the docks, the Seeking Scorpions spent their first day shopping and exploring. Mavis found a leatherworker who agreed to turn the sea monster's skins into a leather crown, advising that the job would take a week to complete. Ownka and Log, pleased with the test run in Eld, decided to expand their missionary work and recruit more lizardfolk to Gruumsh. The dock workers proved just a disgruntled here in Sanjuro City as they were in Eld, agreeing to discuss the idea of armed revolt with the orcish cleric in a more secure setting.    Later that day Kiros met up with Ryota, a tiefling shopkeeper and the Handgun's main operator in the city. Most of the region's agents were in the Kiri Clan picking up abandoned relics, but Ryota offered some work in town seizing some items from Chusei University's Museum of Natural Wonders. The University was the city's largest employer, attracting students from all over the Northern Territories and renowned for its archeological expeditions. Kiros agreed to look into this mission further, inviting Ithilwen to tag along for the heist.

Rewards Granted

  • Kiros obtained some block and tackle
  • Ithilwen obtained some religious scrolls about the Ageless One 

Character(s) interacted with

  • Reshi and Nessa - yuan-ti agents working for Maris Sissava's Desert Dreamers society
  • Maiko and Sora - the two sailors recruited by the Seeking Scorpions to help take care of the Minnow and its ballista
  • Ryota - a tiefling man and member of the The Handgun based out of Sanjuro City
  • Captain Kherkad - a black dragonborn specializing in all kinds of leatherworking 
Report Date
10 Jan 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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