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Desert Dreamers

A band of yuan-ti agents seeking to reform and modernize Sheyuan society. Led by the charismatic Maris Sissava, the group has three goals it seeks to attain: 
  • Overthrow Dendar as Sheyuan's prime deity and replace them with the goddess of dreams Merrshaulk 
  • Lobby the Temple of the Ageless One to make Merrshaulk an approved deity in Pescaliat 
  • Establish formal ties with the world's nations so that Sheyuan can benefit and prosper from the imminent industrial revolution. 
Currently based out of Sabha's capital of Orem, the Dreamers seek to one day to reach a position of power strong enough to unseat Sheyuan's ruling class.
Founding Date
904, 4th Cycle
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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