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GHG Session 25: A Quick Journey North

General Summary

Month 13, Week 1, Year 918
  As the weather turned colder and the party's coffers grew emptier, the Fortunate Five began searching for another adventure with their newest allies Reetma and Beguiler. Jobs were available all over Southern Pescat from Sabha to Thorvald, but Ysmyrelda was adamant on journeying into the Northern Territories to hunt down a bounty on Theo Vechian.   A journey north would take weeks and hundreds of GP, so the party decided it'd be best to apply for a job as adventurers-in-residence in Sanjuro City working for the prestigious Chusei University. Located in the very center of the Northern Territories, the job paid great for a half-year contract and even granted the adventurers time to pursue other quests and bounties in their free time. To get the job they had to formally interview with the school's head of security Toshiro Matsui, and despite some reservations about the language barrier he appeared convinced by the party's recent successes in the Treeleaf Union. He explained some of the cultural differences up north like the distinct separation of classes and the new wave of religious fervor in the region (much to Zan'kiri's dismay), but in the end he agreed to have the party teleported up to Sanjuro City to save on travel times and get started with their new job.   After one last business breakfast between Ys and Loopmottin the party found themselves teleported to the center of Chusei's campus. Toshiro had to go and check on the school's security forces, so he left the FF in the capable hands of Samira Kayhane to show them around the city. From the Lord Mayor's palace to the docks to the temple of the Ageless One, Samira showed off every major neighborhood and landmark while explaining how Chusei had taken on more responsibilities of late defending and patrolling the city. Once the adventurers were settled into their new apartments across the street from the university, Samira invited the party to dinner at her place a couple floors upstairs where she introduced them to her new boyfriend Patrick. The ex-mercenary proved to be making the most of his new lease on life, taking a job as a local courier where he had met Samira during one of his deliveries. Bubbles, Windred, and Ys did not enjoy this reunion.   As the night wore on Windred had a chat with Samira about Gray Hat and her encounter with the entity nearly a decade ago in the Koulan Forests (in short, it didn't go great). The next morning Ys asked Patrick about Theo Vechian while Beguiler asked the Gamerian for advice on a crudely-drawn map he had just made. Patrick pointed the mouse east towards the forests, and he promised Ys to check with some of his local contacts to see if he could find anything. While Reetma started jogging around the city looking for shrines of Eldath and Zan'kiri sent out Varshi for a patrol of the skyline, they both noticed smoke rising from the docks...  

Rewards Granted

Character(s) interacted with

  • Savaran: A female green dragonborn and beleagured bartender at GHG HQ
  • Samira Kayhane: Head secretary at Chusei, Shroud agent, Patrick's girlfriend
  • Toshiro Matsui: Head of security at Chusei University
  • Loopmottin: The gnome, the myth, the legend
  • Patrick: An ex-mercenary scared straight by the FF

Report Date
12 Oct 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players


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