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HHI Session 17: Enter the Void

General Summary

Month 5, Week 1, Year 908
The Seeking Scorpions found themselves stranded in the middle of the Maguro River on a sailboat with broken sails, more than a hundred miles away from Younashi. With the party's quick thinking though, Ithilwen managed to sew together sails from the party's clothes and bedrolls while Mavis forged some papers to get them through Oda Clan territory. The makeshift sails only worked at half-speed compared to the originals, but it got the party to the shipyards of Younashi in just four days.   In the meantime Ownka meditated on Gruumsh as the group entered an active warzone, and the Gatekeeper had a telepathic conference call with Mavis and Sola. Their eldritch patron explained that he was working on a new procedure known as the Iranon Method, a process that could imbue a person with supernatural powers from the Far Realms. The Gatekeeper could only perform the procedure on one of them when they arrived at the port city of Ichigo, so the two adventurers would have to find ways to prove themselves more worthy than the other.   Month 5, Week 2, Year 908
Sailing past abandoned farms and villages, the party finally arrived at the besieged elven metropolis of Younashi. Magnificent palaces and towers peaked over the walls of the city, and for the first time in Kiri Clan's storied history it appeared that its glorious capital would fall into enemy hands. Oda Clan armies surrounded the city from all sides of the river, and Mavis' forged papers helped them enter the war camp without any difficulties. Once their sailboat The Minnow was docked for repairs, the party set about surveying the battlefields and finding a way inside the city to rescue Maris' agents. The Oda Clan forces numbered in the tens of thousands, and rumors abounded that the nation's leader Bucephalus the Rambunctious was set to arrive within the week to finish the siege once and for all. Sola spent most of the day and night exploring the battlefield, learning that both the Maguro and Shinju Rivers had been seized by Oda Clan forces to stop goods from making it into the besieged Younashi. Only the northern section of the city was left free from bombardment, a tiefling officer explaining to Sola how soldiers were known to disappear in the dense Koulan Forests to the city's north. Pleased with their findings, Sola reunited with the rest of the party in the middle of the night. The Seeking Scorpions had found a makeshift marketplace of hangers-on and traveling merchants in the Oda Clan war camp, and they managed to find some modest accommodations for the night. Despite their undead form, Sola was only able to rest for a couple hours before the party was ready for a full day of exploring around the camp. The party's first stop was to meet with a white-furred tabaxi said to have some skill with smuggling items out of the city. Ownka and the others found the tabaxi's tent, the mysterious rogue playing games of poker with some women in kimonos as a thick cloud of hookah smoke hung about the room. The tabaxi introduced himself as Softas Snow, a Handgun agent with the expertise needed to enter and exit Younashi undetected. He agreed to talk business with the party, but only after a game of poker where Ownka took the 200GP pot. Softas Snow was perplexed by the party's desire to enter Younashi with the city bound to fall in a matter of days, but he agreed to help the party rescue the yuan-ti agents so long as they agreed to help him retrieve some magic items from the city's palaces. That night after a cringeworthy call with Maris Sissava the party organized a plan of attack, entering the city from the north and staying in the commercial center where the yuan-ti and the magic items would be located. Throughout this day, an exhausted Sola began to act more erratic and paranoid. As a mortal vessel containing the souls of more than twenty people, any change to their body's stress level could lead to bouts of madness. Sola was barely able to play a game of poker with Softas, let alone negotiate better terms for the break-in. In the end the party still had to pay 525GP up-front to get the tabaxi to help them, and after an evening game of poker he fleeced more than 300GP from the party. Back at their sleeping quarters Sola started ranting about how they were actually a goliath bounty hunter named Kiros. Mavis, depressed by two bad games of poker in a row, decided to have some fun with Sola and convinced them to draw a card from the Deck of Many Things. To Sola's misfortune, the the card she drew was The Void, instantly draining the twenty souls from their body to an unknown location. Mavis tried to calmly explain the situation to the Gatekeeper, who didn't take the news well when he learned that the party had accepted a gift from a fey creature. Wilbur would be unable to provide the party with a new party member this time, and the party would be stuck with the Deck of Many Things until every single card was drawn. With less than ten hours before their big rescue mission, the party was down one party member and several hundred GP poorer...

Rewards Granted

  • Sola's soul left the party
  • Mavis Wren purchased a forger's kit
  • The party's sailboat The Minnow got repaired at the shipyards around Younashi  

Character(s) interacted with

  • The Gatekeeper - The party's mysterious and demanding patron
  • Softas Snow - a tabaxi rogue in the service of the Handgun 
  • Maris Sissava - a charismatic yuan-ti who tasked the party with rescuing a couple of her agents from Younashi
Report Date
06 Dec 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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